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Bath 1973p

Postby PaulWeaver » Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:26 pm

I recently finished playing through all of the games of this competition. I was not disappointed by the quality of play in what was one of the three major international events of that year. Many fine games are omitted from the data base simply because some of the players weren't big enough. A couple of examples:

Sznapik-Sax King's Indian 1 c4 Nf6 2 Nc3 g6 3 e4 d6 4 d4 Bg7 5 Be2 0-0 6 Nf3 e5 7 0-0 Nc6 8 d5 Ne7 9 b4 Nh5 10 g3 Bh3 11 Re1 h6 12 Nh4 Nf6 13 Bd2 Nh7 14 Bf1 Bc8 15 Rc1 g5 16 Ng2 f5 17 exf5 Nxf5 18 Ne3 Nd4 19 Bg2 (this game was not annotated except for a reference to the game Taimanov-Bilek 1957 and the finish when the game was decided. Hereabouts we start looking for improvements for white. The significant error I discovered was a failure to do something about the knight on d4. Black now systematicly builds his attack and bowls white over) Qf6 20 Rf1 Qg6 21 Nb5 Rf7 22 Bc3 Nf5 23 c5 a6 24 Na3 Nxe3 25 fxe3 Rxf1+ 26 Qxf1 Bf5 27 Qe1 Be4 28 Qd2 g4 29 Nc2 Ng5 30 Ne1 Rf8 31 Qb2 Qf5 32 Qe2 h5 33 Bd2 Qg6 34 cxd6 cxd6 35 b5 Bxg2 36 e4 Nh3+ 37 Kxg2 Qxe4+ 0-1

Botterill-Kunsztowicz Sicilian-Rossolimo 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 g6 4 0-0 Bg7 5 Re1 Nf6 6 c3 0-0 7 h3 a6 8 Bxc6 dxc6 9 d4 cxd4 10 cxd4 Ne8 11 Nc3 Nd6 12 Bg5 Re8 13 Qb3 Nb5 14 d5 Nxc3 15 bxc3 Qc7 16 Rac1 Bd7 17 c4 e6 18 e5 c5 19 d6 Qc6 20 Qe3 Qa4 21 Bf6 Bf8 22 Nh2 (white's attack is overwhelming. Readers are invited to weigh in on how black could have done better) h5 23 g4 h4 24 Qg5 Qxa2 25 Qxh4 Bg7 26 g5 Qa3 27 Ng4 Bc6 28 Bxg7 1-0
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