2012 Wa State Train Wreck.. Championship

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2012 Wa State Train Wreck.. Championship

Postby hgpitre » Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:33 am

These guys are incompetent. But how would you know it? When did they share anything with you leading up to their decisions? At the WA Class Champs they gave a hint that they are putting something together during the traditional time of the state championships. And then they seemed to have gone on to make hotel arrangements. Now it is canceled. No explanation given. Consider what they are offering for the state championship prizes.. compare it to what was been offered back in say, 2003 through 2008.. Disrespect for the best players and incompetence by the leaders. You have to demand more from the leadership of the WCF officers, or else this will be what continues to occur.

I hope someone will write in here.. Maybe try to defend the leadership's decisions, actions or inactions..

And go on to read my later comments about the 2011 championship that I had made actually at a time when I thought they had moved slightly in the right direction for 2012. Looks like I was duped..again.. And so have you..
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Re: 2012 Wa State Train Wreck.. Championship

Postby Mike MacGregor » Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:02 pm

Thanks for your time in reporting your findings, Hannigan, and perhaps inspiring some more accountability. As far as the championship is concerned, I received the following e-mail today, which includes three Sections--Championship, Premier, and Invitational--the same three that have been for the last three years (that I can recall):

Dear Washington Chess Players,

Here are the updated fields of the Championship, Premier, and Invitational sections (as of 2/1).


FM Howard Chen 2427 (seed)
NM Dereque Kelley 2289 (seed)
NM Nat Koons 2280
FM Ignacio Perez 2269
NM Josh Sinanan 2253
NM Harley Greninger 2210 (seed)
NM Gil Lapid Shafrifi 2203 (seed)
NM David Golub 2203
LM Viktors Pupols 2202
Igor Ummel 2122 (seed)

avg rating: 2246

Prize Fund: $1500


Michael MacGregor 2162
WFM Chouchanik Airapetian 2160
Roland Feng 2148
David Rupel 2130
Megan Lee 2122
Michael Wang 2117
Samir Sen 2115
Patrick Van Dyke 2100
Casey Xing 2038 (seed)
Ethan Gottlieb 1948 (seed)

avg rating: 2104

Prize Fund: $1000


FM Paul Bartron 2099 (seed)
Michael Schemm 2009
Alan Bishop 2000
Daniel He 1961
Krishnan Warrier 1952
Mark Smith 1905
Samuel He 1894
Kyle Haining 1861
Noah Fields 1845
Lane Van Weerdhuizen 1839

avg rating: 1937

Prize Fund: $500

1st Alternate: Nick Pazderic 1823
2nd Alternate: Nicolo Gelb 1816
3rd Alternate: James Nelson 1773
4th Alternate: Mayhul Arora 1768
5th Alternate: Ethan Bashkansky 1760

Pairings will be released after the drawing of lots, scheduled to take place Feb. 3 at 7:00 PM in the food court at Northgate Mall. A number of players will be there to witness the event and everyone is welcome!

If you need to miss any rounds due to other commitments, please let me know which ones so that I can inform your opponent. Since this is a round-robin tournament there are no half-points byes allowed, and all missed games must be rescheduled and completed before the end of the tournament. Make-up games must be played in the presence of a TD, and the SCC will be open Wednesday 2/15 and Friday 2/17 for those who need to reschedule.


Josh Sinanan WCF President

206-769-3757 joshsinanan@gmail.com

3610 218th St. SW Brier, WA 98036
Mike MacGregor
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Re: 2012 Wa State Train Wreck.. Championship

Postby MicahSmith » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:06 pm

hgpitre wrote:These guys are incompetent. But how would you know it?

When they put on the 2012 Washington Class Championship flyer that the Blitz would be FIDE Blitz rated but it was not FIDE rated since they failed to register it beforehand with FIDE and did not obtain and report color information even though they have run many FIDE standard tournaments in the past and the procedure to get a Blitz tournament FIDE rated is exactly the same! What's even worse is that they have failed to respond to my email inquires about it so HG, unfortunately your request for better openness and communication continues to go unanswered!
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