2011 State championship and other matters

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2011 State championship and other matters

Postby hgpitre » Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:05 am

Dear WCF members and other readers,

As we come to the end of the month you don't have your March issue of NW Chess. The NWC business manager has informed you of at least part of the matters: very little of the required annotated games from this event has been submitted to the editor in a timely manner. Well, there is a lot more wrong with the WA State championship organization than this.

I have been writing the WCF President about these deficiencies for more than a year prior to this year's event. The WCF president wrote a note in the December issue of NWC responding to some of the matters I have mentioned to him in previous letters.

I have mainly been asking him to get, coerce, enlist, whatever it takes, members who are using competitive chess in the NW to give back to the organization by participating in the little but important tasks that aren't getting done.

The number one neglected item is publicity about our activities to the outside populace. I.e. to the people who don't know about our great pastime.

The number two neglected item is to develop tournament play in other areas outside the Puget Sound core around Seattle. That means we need tournament directors, organizers, and chess teachers. We need more Spokane Chess Clubs out there; and it is possible to develop that outcome. Investigate what Jim McAleer is doing in Yakima and Toppenish. What have we done in Bellingham, Olympia, or the Tri-Cities lately? Why aren't we trying to do more to kickstart tournament chess in the Olympic peninsula and San Juan islands? Can't we get involved in Kelso-Longview and Aberdeen-Hoquiam? We can do much more in Seattle and Tacoma and their suburbs than we are doing now. I am speaking primarily of the effort that is required to organize adult or open tournaments. You have to get to that outcome first by establishing informal clubs and meeting places, secondly hold small unrated events, and third distribute NW Chess free to these players, and then build up to USCF rated, membership events.

The scholastic chess structure and the parents and coaches involved are working pretty well, and we should be working with them whenever we can.

I also commend the efforts of the TD, Fred Kleist, and the NWC Bus Mgr,Eric Holcomb, for making the state championship games available online at the NW Chess website.

But here is the exact copy of an email I wrote to Josh Sinanan on Oct 19, 2010. It also contains references to other matters of which I have been writing the WCF President. My main thrust is that with so much work that is needed in running the WCF, and because they lost money on the poorly organized Harmon Memorial, they should be using the WA state championship as a means to increase outside publicity about chess and the WCF ,and to get more money and participation from some of the members of the organization. We wouldn't have this delay in the production of NW Chess magazine if some of what I was writing about had been implemented.

My letter should not be edited at all. We'll see.

from Oct. 19, 2010 8:11 AM

Copied below..

Mr President, WCF,


There was never a detailed article about the 2010 WA State Championship in the pages of the NW Chess magazine. Was there ever any publicity about it in any local media? There was a brief report in March issue of the magazine of the cross table, and that is all until four (4) games annotated by Howard Chen in the September issue of NW Chess. The prize fund and support comes from an organization that is supposed to support all players, and this should have some annotated games by the players for the members to read enjoy and learn from. You have given lip service only to this requirement..The responsibility lies with the players and the organizers. The magazine needs quality local content. To follow up and collect these games serves several good purposes within our local chess base. There should not be any prizes paid out until the player has submitted two annotated games to the TD, and this should be done within two weeks of the completion of the tourney. The number of members has not significantly grown over the years. Two round-robin tourneys of 10 players each should be sufficient to encourage the development of the players. If a third round-robin tourney is supported and provided with prizes, those players should pay entry fees of $75 and up. Alternatively, in the Championship and Premiere you could ask for a deposit before they sit down to play, and if not, they should sign a contract or agreement to play all their games, and to submit at least two annotated games of their play in the tourney to the TD within two weeks of the end of the event. The WCF needs to focus more on the educational aspect of, and about our activity.

The Harmon Memorial tourney: How much money did it lose? What about the opportunity costs? Who managed it? We need to know this because when this person or persons runs again for a position as a WCF officer, he will have to answer again in detail about why he is the best person for that position.

You should be supporting the efforts of others to bring tourney chess(rated and unrated) to outlying areas of the state. Rather than requiring memberships at this time in new areas you should wait until there are a number of events directly serving these players before the membership requirement is enacted. Furthermore, where there is a population base and no adult tourneys scheduled the WCF should encourage the beginnings of tourney culture by offering support( financial and training ) to others who would meet some WCF requirements. Maybe this would be $100 to $300 to a tourney that might draw 25 to 50 new players.

Places that come to mind: Wenatchee, Tri-Cities, Pullman, Walla Walla, Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Longview-Kelso, Vancouver, Olympia, Bellingham, Mt Vernon, Everett, Port Angeles, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Kingston, Auburn, Kent, Sumner, Renton, Sammamish, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Bothell, Bellevue, Woodinville.

To do this you cannot waste money on flops such as the Harmon Memorial of 2010, or give away money to the lowest section of the state championship as has been done in the past two years. You have to run a tighter ship, and recruit and get more members involved to bring this about.You should be praising and helping the organizer from Yakima.

The WCF should be involved in training new adult tournament directors to make growth possible, and pay the experienced TDs to conduct a short training program. If the WCF has chess equipment ( from a gift or grant from the AF4C?) that would be helpful in expanding through conducting tourneys, it should make this available to new tourney organizers and manage it by WCF supporters who might also get a fee.

The new events should also offer an instructional component by an expert or master hired or reimbursed by the WCF. This instructor should be someone who is currently in good standing with the state championship requirements, and will be first sought from the list of players in the past Championship and Premiere. The WCF should be trying to get more resources to support the educational aspect of our sport .

The WCF should be working on having a futurity, a tourney with the possibility of a local player earning a FM title or IM norm.

Lastly the WCF should be working on supporting and bringing international understanding starting with our immediate neighbors to the north. The BCCF and support their tourney efforts and get players to go back and forth among their tourneys and ours.

This has been a comment on the adult initiatives that should be made. The scholastic work should always be reviewed as well, but that is not the area that needs correction as much.

If I can attend and am permitted to attend the WCF officers meeting tonight, I'd like to be told how to enter the building. I would like to hear or see a written response to these matters above at the meeting along with your other discussions as long as my schedule permits me. I would like to see a prompt response to this on the NW Chess website or in the magazine, if I am not permitted to attend.

Your comments about open to the public meetings should not apply to a membership organization not permitting its members to attend a meeting of the officers.

I encourage you to forward this to your officers.

H. G. Pitre
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Re: 2011 State championship and other matters

Postby hgpitre » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:04 pm

The WCF is running a different tournament concurrent with the last weekend of the 2012 state championship. Although I never received any acknowledgement of my complaints about the past two years of running the third section in the state championship, I see this event as finally being a realization that they (The WCF Officers) have been screwing things up financially, and maybe this is a way to make things right. It is one of the few examples that I have seen of the WCF Officers responding to criticism of their ways.. But they don't invite discussion at all.

WCF Board Meeting 7/27/2011
The meeting was called to order at 7:18 pm. Minutes were read and approved.
Discussed Washington Team Championship. Gary to send in ad to Chess Life. A motion was made by Mr. Polich and seconded by Mr. Dorfner to go with the proposed format that was submitted by Gary, passed. This will be a National Chess Day event and will be held on October 8th.
Officers Reports: Discussed the Portland Chess Club Centennial Open in Portland. V.P. ‐ None.
Secretary ‐ Working on the 2012 Clearing House Calendar and the archives files. Would like to have Mr. Miller, Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Dorfner form an archives committee and work together on this.
Financial report ‐ There is $5,740.22 on hand as of 8/27/2011. The WCF lost $1,400.00 on the Washington Open this year.

I'd like you to see a little of what else is going on with your WCF.. and here is a copy of some of my correspondence with the WCF President. Essentially I came across some minutes of the WCF Officers meeting that revealed that the 2011 WA Open lost $1400...That's what is shown above... And this was at the time when I had criticized them for losing $1700 at the 2010 Clark Harmon Memorial for which they had given no real reasons for why it happened and accepted no real responsibility.

From: Hanniegn Pitre <hgpitre@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: http://www.nwchess.com/articles/minutes ... 1_0727.pdf
Date: November 22, 2011 7:05:38 AM PST
To: Josh Sinanan <joshsinanan@gmail.com>


I hope you are doing better with the arrangements for the WA Class this weekend. You need to have a real discussion of this. You can't just rely on one person, Eddie. Even he can't (doesn't) follow up on everything. It seems to me there has not been enough information put forth in the website or ads, nor in any sort of timely way, regarding parking fees to accommodate players and hotel guests for this event. That may be hampering the turnout, but you will never know for sure.

You said in the November issue of NWC that you gained some info from Ankit Gupta regarding putting on a high-level tourney.

You have to demonstrate that you are able to put on a low-level tourney in the best way possible first. You won't be able to do it with the level of communication that I see around here, and with the people in the WCF leadership. There is a lot of attention to details that are just essential to producing something that is noteworthy. You need to have the experience of doing so. Start small, then go large. Seems like playing positional chess, smooth and patient like one of your chess idols.

Are you aware of any response to Eddie's request for help that he made of the membership as he came in to office?

That's all for now. For more beyond these comments, you (The WCF) will have to pay me for my advice.

I haven't gotten anything from Robert. Does he regularly use the computer?


On Nov 21, 2011, at 8:33 PM, Josh Sinanan wrote:

Hi HG,

I have asked Robert Allen to send you our financial report for the 2011 WA Open. Did you receive it?

Basically the reason we lost money on the tournament was that the hotel rent keeps increasing and we didn't compensate for it enough in our budget. We have since been working to at least break even on our big events by more carefully planning out our budget.


On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 7:54 AM, Hanniegn Pitre <hgpitre@comcast.net> wrote:

Mr President,

My mistake.. Make that the 2011 Washington Open financial reports please.. which was reported to have lost $1400.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Hanniegn Pitre <hgpitre@comcast.net>
Date: November 17, 2011 9:03:55 AM PST
To: joshsinanan@gmail.com
Cc: jburoker@q.com, David Rupel <davidr1949@yahoo.com>
Subject: http://www.nwchess.com/articles/minutes ... 1_0727.pdf

Dear Mr. President,


Would you please forward me the revenue and expenses break down for the WA Class event which was reported in the minutes as having lost $1400?

Thank you,

H. G. Pitre

http://www.nwchess.com/articles/minutes ... 1_0727.pdf

So I went to the 2011 Washington Class tourney and there I was able to request again that I get this financial information.

It has been 6 weeks since I spoke with Robert Allen at the first day of the 2011 WA Class and asked for the financial report of the 2011 WA Open, and he said he would send it to me. I haven't received it, and Josh has not followed up to see if he had done so.

These guys don't care about me or you. They are not running an open organization. They are frittering away your money with bad management, and you are not holding them accountable. If you have a new chess-worthy initiative and you'd like the WCF to help out, don't be so sure that they have the money to do so, because as I have pointed out they have gone through $1700 here, $1400 there, they wasted at least $1500 over the two previous years of the state championship by not requiring a $75 entry fee of the 10 players playing in the lowest section, and a few more of those fiascos and were taking real money. They are not worthy of having an IRS 501 c3 status, and I will tell them so. And by the way their current financial condition may look good but remember that for a little while the WCF has been selling 3-year memberships and at a reduced, maybe attractive price.. But I would like to know how does this balance compare with the status maybe 3 years ago or 2 years ago when divided by the number of membership-months for which the WCF has an obligation to send a NWC magazine to the members..

So I hope that a couple, or maybe five of the WCF members who read this will ask their officers.. Start with the president,, For his answers to my claims, and if you care about this organization you will work to make sure that at the next election of WCF officers more attention is paid to who will be put in charge of running this group in the future.
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