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2009 USCF Election

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:55 pm
by Russell Miller
This summer is the election. Below are the names of the people running for positions on the Exec Board of the United States Chess Federation. Please read their statements in future issues of CHESS LIFE and VOTE!

In a double-blind drawing held at the USCF office today and supervised by Chief Teller Harry Sabine, the order for the ballots was set as follows:

1. Eric Hecht

2. Michael Atkins

3. Blas Lugo

4. Mike Nietman

5. Bill Goichberg

6. Jim Berry

7. Brian Mottershead

8. Brian Lafferty

9. Sam Sloan

10. Mikhail Korenman

11. Ruth Haring

This is also the order the candidate statements will appear in the April, May and June issues of Chess Life.

Russell Miller, Camas WA

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