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Re: WCF officers' meetings

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:14 pm
by hgpitre
Now.. I.e. jan 17, I see that some changes have been made to the format of the tournament. There is now only five hours in between the rounds. That will be a nice improvement, but I will say they did not acknowledge where they got this idea from.. No email was sent me to thank me for pointing out the former fault. I still question why hold this event in Tacoma when the state championship is in Seattle. I guess they didn't want to work very hard to set it up in a hotel. I have my doubts about the success of the event. It is now called president's tourney or something like that.

Since this is in a posting about WCF officers meetings. I am glad Micah Smith replied about his experiences or lack thereof with some officers.. I hope others will try to get these people to communicate with us..

You might think.. What a wonderful state championship series and program! But I say to you it should be better. They don't tell you what funds they have available.. If they really wanted to have the best players play in the championship .. They should offer more money as was available four or more years ago, and not divert the money to the lowest invitational section. Or they should ask that lowest section to pay a sizable entry fee. I have suggested this for more than three years now. I have never seen a discussion of this, nor a display of where there money comes and goes for the WCF during this time period. I say the Treasurer is not doing a good job. I say the President is not doing a good job.. What does the Vice President do? I say the Tournament Coordinator is not doing a good job. And I say the Secretary is not doing a good job

. And unless the members actually ask specific questions of these officers, the members might never realize that these guys are doing a lousy job. Things do happen. We do have events. But from a greater metropolis centered in Seattle with about three million people, we should have more people in our events, more publicity, and be doing more good.

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