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Newport Open

PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:33 am
by hgpitre
Hello, chess people of Oregon.
I intend to play in this year's Newport Open organized by Bill Barrese.

I have a question about what has happened over the years to this tournament, and the one held in the fall. Back in the nineties when it got started.. it would draw 50 or more players. Now it is struggling to get to 30. It is inevitable that the organizers move on or pass away, as do the players. Has the price of gas gone up a lot during that time? Or is it mainly the availability of chess through online sites, that keeps this wonderful reason for going to the coast of Oregon and meeting new opponents, from drawing players in as large numbers as of the days of old.

I am not interested in creating any arguments, I am just hoping for some comments. Maybe someone would be willing to help Mr. Barrese get more players from Portland area to attend. Or maybe someone has an idea that could bring some WA players there to play on the beach. My ideas, which I will throw out right now, are to go back to two sections, but with the cut off rating point being 1600 or 1700, and also to have only four rounds for the event. A player could start round one at 12:30PM which makes it possible for two different scenarios for some Portland players. They could go to the coast on Friday, relax that night, and walk on the beach Saturday morning before the games; or scamper to the coast on Saturday morning and save on the cost of one hotel night. The entry fee might be lowered by $5 or so and that and the shorter time commitment might enable more players to attend.

I hope you will post responses here, and/or tell Bill that you are going to support him in this year's event.

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