Beach Chess Fest Victoria (Willows Beach) Saturday May 21

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Beach Chess Fest Victoria (Willows Beach) Saturday May 21

Postby braymer » Sat May 14, 2011 8:01 pm

A Beach Chess Fest will be held next Saturday May 21st at Willows Beach in Victoria Canada. It is possible to come to Victoria and return in the same day this time of the year from Seattle on the Clipper ferry.

We are expecting 100 players for the Beach Blitz 3pm to 5pm under the big tent at Willows Beach. Rain or shine. Let us know if you need a ride from the Clipper ferry to Willows Beach 15 minutes from downtown Victoria. Registration is limited to 120

The 23rd Annual Canadian Chess Challenge is in Victoria May 22 and 23 at UVIC A Beach Chess Fest will be held Saturday May 21st at Willows Beach The Beach Chess Fest will start at 12 and goes until 7:30 pm. Many Free events for players of all ages.
There will be a blitz tournament $10 pre registration online and a BBQ $10 children $15 adults
All other events are free!

Over 70 players now pre registered for the blitz This event is open to all ages.
Outdoors - rain or shine under the big tents. See you there

Advance Registrations. ChessChallengeBlitz (69 players) - 11/05/2011 8:53 PM
Latest entries Nadine and Natasha Qureshi 71 players now
register online
Name Rtng (CMA not equivalent to USCF or CFC ratings)
Qin, Joey [Zi Yi] 2385
MacKinnon, Keith 2367
Kleinman, Michael 2329
Roy, Myriam 2103
Gelet, Seymour 1959
Raihman, Igal 1864
Green, Aaron 1827
Situ, Dennis 1794
Song, Michael 1783
Plotkin, Mark 1763
Kaiser, Jakob 1762
Ong, Raymond 1681
Dorrance, Adam 1681
Pottinger, Carl 1593
De Guzman, Jeff Anthony 1557
Pang, Michael 1520
Wasserman, Leor 1497
Dawson, Michael 1435
Qiu, Christopher 1407
Gallant, Dennis 1371
Saine, Zachary 1324
Dorrance, Lucas 1308
Dawson, Jeffrey 1303
Bennett, Lee 1303
Yie, Kevin 1279
Zhang, MaoMao 1248
Peters, Jeremy 1244
Crowell, Iain 1203
Wolchock, Theo 1166
Lu, Fred 1128
Boon-Petersen, Stefan 1080
McKeown, Gary 1046
Bartha, Emerich [Jimmy] 1019
Luo, Roger 1018
Kerr, Ian 1015
McKeown, Brody 1010
Bangla, Venu 1007
Gallant, Cameron 1005
Ronahan-Wood, Jack 1002
Francey, Gregory 987
Pulfer, Luke 955
Perry, Alexander 946
He, Kate 934
Tcherni, Avram 900
Tweel, James 894
MacLeod, Connor 875
DeFehr, William 869
Wei, Daniel 848
Chowdhury, SoumyaDeep 828
Huang, Xingbo 796
McCallum, Karla Lynn 776
Chen, Norman 770
MacDonald, Jacob 714
Bryan, Joshua 707
Woodworth, Kyle 595
Zheng, Victor 405
Doucette, Luc 393
Dickinson, Hannah 261
Zhang, unkown 2 unr
Zhang, unknown 1 unr
Stackhouse, Jordan unr
Peters, uknown unr
Oussedik, Elias unr
Ong, Uknown unr
Karajewski, Megan unr
Imodina, Alexander unr
Dickinson, unkown 1 unr
Dickinson, unknown 2 unr
Chen, Qiying unr
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