Sep 20-22 Two tourneys

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Sep 20-22 Two tourneys

Postby hgpitre » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:45 pm

Below are a listing of partial details from two chess tourneys in two different communities offering the same type of event.. Five rounds over 3 days.. starting Friday two sections. The same weekend.. less than two weeks from now.
One offers approximately 17.5 hours of rated chess competition; the other offers up to 30 hours of it (The latter also offers a compressed version with only 26 hours of play over only two days). They both offer up to two half-point byes. They are both paying out approximately 60% of their advance entry fees, depending on how you calculate the % of entries that are likely to be members of the SCC.
Other similarities are that the cities both have a lot of automobile traffic and possible traffic jams near the event sites, but in Richmond there is a light-rail alternative for getting there. They seem to be drawing from the same type of populations; both adults and kids who love tournament chess.
Other differences are the basic cost of the event, being higher in Richmond than in Seattle; and the size of the prize fund that would go to the Open section winner, greater in Richmond than Seattle.
These are important considerations. If the good players don’t believe they have a chance for a sufficient reward for putting their skill, reputation, rating points on the line, they may not play. Don’t we want to see the good or best players participating? This has to come from some source. Unless there are commercial sponsors or private donors, it seems like it must come from entry fees.

To go back and look at the results when all is over won’t really be as from a true laboratory experiment, but maybe we can get some insights from these events when they are over. I would like to gather such information as: Were the rounds started on time? Or how delayed were they? How did the players feel about their quality of play during their games? Was it harmed or enhanced by the time control they had? Did they have a good opportunity to eat between rounds? Did they have an opportunity to analyze their game with their opponent? Did they want to? Did they think the tourney set-up was fair? Would they be likely to play again in three months, if a tourney with the identical format tourney were offered? Would they like something different? How long did your games actually last (round by round info would be helpful)?

If any of you are going to play in either of these tourneys and think it won’t harm your results too much to be a reporter of some of this info and post it here, it could be useful for club directors, or other organizers, and would be a real contribution to our discussions (or lack of) here. I realize you may want to be solely focused on your play at the event, and to do this could be a distraction, but this is perhaps why we don’t have much information about these matters put in any articles about our events.

I write this hoping that the events offered will improve over time. Without some analysis it won’t happen. I also hope that eventually there will be a greater exchange between chess players in BC and WA. Currently it seems to me that only a small number of WA players go North across the border for an event. Several players come from BC to WA to the WA Class, and the WA Open. I believe the WA players are missing out on having a good time and good games in such events as the Keres Memorial in Vancouver, BC area, and the Grand Pacific Open in Victoria, BC.

S e p t e m b e r O P E N
Location:Lansdowne Centre
Unit 960 - 5300 No.3 Road, Richmond, B.C, V6X 2X9 (Ample free parking)

Date: Sep 20 - 22, 2013 (Friday to Sunday)

Eligibility: All adults. K-12 players rated 900 CFC & NWSRS 1000 and above are welcome
Time: Check in: Friday 5:00 to 5:20pm. All participants must pre-register and pay cash onsite only
Friday Saturday Sunday
1st round – 5:30pm 2nd round – 10:15am 4th round – 10:00am
3rd round – 2:15pm 5th round – 2:00pm

Format: 5 Rounds Swiss System. CFC rated. (CFC membership required)

Sections: Open & U1800

Time control: G/75 minutes with 30 sec increment (Chess sets and clocks are provided)

Bye request: Maximum 2 requested ½ point byes (except last round) at least ½ hour before the rounds starts

Prizes: $1500 based on 50 entries
Open – 1st $500 2nd $250
U1800 – 1st $210 2nd $150
U1500 – $120
U1200 – $50

Entry Fees:$50. Add $15 if playing up. (Family discount $10 off for 2nd or higher member of the family)
Free for GMs & IMs. $10 off for NMs & FMs

Tournament Director: Stephen Wright
Contacts: Email: or voicemail: (604)568-3283
Have questions about September Open? Contact Maxim Doroshenko

Seattle Fall Open
September 20-22 or September 21-22
A 2-section, 5-round Swiss chess tournament with a time con- trol of 40/120 & SD/60 and a 5-second delay (except Rd 1 of 2-day option — G/60;d5) with a prize fund of $1000 based on
60 paid entries, 6 per prize group.
A Northwest Grand Prix event
Open: $180 gtd-$120 gtd, U2200 $100, U2000 $95, U1800 $90
Reserve (U1700): $110-$80, U1550
$70, U1450 $65, U1350 $60, UNR $30
Entry Fees: $33 by 9/18, $42 at site. SCC members –subtract $9. Members of other dues-req’d CCs in BC, OR, & WA – subtract $4. Unrated players free with purchase of 1-yr USCF & WCF. Add $1 for 2-day option. Make checks payable to SCC.
Registration: Fri. 7-7:45 pm or Sat. 9-9:45 am. Rounds: Fri. 8 pm, Sat. (10@G/60;d5)-12:30-6:45, Sun. 11-5.
Byes: 2 available. Rounds 4 or 5 must commit at registration. Misc.: USCF & WCF required. NS. NC.

Address ⇐2150 N 107 St, B85
Seattle WA 98133
Infoline 206-417-5405 Address for Entries SCC Tnmt Dir 2420 S 137 St Seattle WA 98168
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