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Interval length between rounds

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:19 am
by hgpitre
What do you think is the amount of time you should have available between rounds?

Various scenarios are listed below.. Please comment .. This is not intended as a survey, but rather is a question that might get comment. I don't believe this should be controversial. It might be helpful to planners of future tourneys in the northwest

So if the tourney offers:

Two rounds a day  ..scheduled with four-hour games or longer... What would you like to see? What would be the tourney schedule?

Three rounds a day...  Scheduled for three-hour games or longer... What would you like to see? What if there are four-hour games? Do you think there should be a break after each round? What do you see as a schedule that would accomplish this?

Four rounds a day.. A so-called tornado...  Probably with scheduled two-hour games...What should be the break between rounds?  Should there be a break after each round? If not, when should the breaks be available? What schedule what accomplish this?

Maybe you could describe yourself a bit. That gives some perspective..Maybe you are a parent, maybe a scholastic player, maybe you are a smoker, or include just anything that might be a factor that informs your reply. Or just leave that out, just be comfortable in participating.

I hope we get some discussion. This should be a positive, constructively oriented forum.

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