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Report what's happening NWC

Postby hgpitre » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:49 pm

What's been wrong lately. I'm going to point it out. You are going to fix it.

No report so far as of Dec 15, of the simul/ blindfold? Charity event in Bellevue to benefit China chess..It made news in several places before it happened, and as if it had happened, even in USCF online news for Natl Chess day back around Oct 8 or so, but I have my doubts. Your job.. find the truth.. And report it in NWC.

The WCF BLITZ championships...back a few months Bellevue again.. No news or story in NWC about this.. But some info out there suggests no profit to WCF FOR AN EVENT WITH OVER THIRTY PLAYERS.. Your job: find out the winners, number players, and report on the financial outcomes, including entry fees and prizes and expenses...somewhere in NWC

Have you noticed blitz events around here, whether at city clubs or Federation events are 5 0 events, i.e. no increments? for example, the WA Class Blitz. Have you noticed that really big events elsewhere as in Europe are 3 minutes w 2 seconds increment or 4 2 events? .. Your job is to write about the amazing European blitz championship just held in Poland with over 400 competitors... And figure out what it takes to get our players, clubs, and Federations on board and report it in NWC.

Have you noticed in Portland they have rapids,, 15 0 time controls? Nice try for variety. But again did you read at the same tourney in Poland they had over 700 players playing rapid chess with time control of 15 minutes with 10 seconds increment? And also amazing were the arrangements for London 2013.. Just concluded.. Main time control was 25 minutes with 10 seconds increment.. Don't overlook the breaks between games.. Your task: delve into this and report a plan to train TDs for a better playing structure in the NW. And explain to players why they should demand these conditions, and of course your means of communication will be in NWC.

Did you read the John Saunders report of the chess played in the London 2013? Why can't we get reports about our events that strive to be as stirring as that? Your job is to make a difference in the next tourney you play in. Either ask the organizer to this. Or ask your fellow players to submit a story involving one of their games to go into the tourney report or both and more.. Get this all in NWC.

The blessing: Close to a dozen young players from WA have reached the Master rating in the last two and a half years.. The problem. Stark laziness or apathy about that right here in the pages of NWC. NO STORY FEATURING THESE PLAYERS HAS BEEN IN THE PAGES OF NWC.. To do this could be considered self-serving to WCF, but this would be good. Heap praise on these sporting, thinking, athletes, exemplars, and champions. Ask how they got there? Who supported them? What they doing now? What are their new goals and more? Ask do they recommend chess activity to their friends?.. Your task is to get this done, or kick out the WCF OFFICERS WHO HAVE REFUSED, YES, REFUSED TO WRITE SUCH AN ARTICLE(s) OVER THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS they have had the time to do this. Get this into NWC, and then into the Seattle Times, and neighborhood journals, iand onto Channels 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13 or whoever are the local news channels around here.
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