Oct 4-5 Oyster Bay Inn Classic, Bremerton, WA.

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Oct 4-5 Oyster Bay Inn Classic, Bremerton, WA.

Postby hgpitre » Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:21 am

Hi Folks,
I am writing this from a Greater Seattle perspective.. but I hope many others will try to get to this event.

Let's thank Kris Dietsch for putting this event back on the NW Chess calendar. And let's support him by going to play in his event. Well, how tough is it to get there? It isn't at all, if you have a car. Just drive to the Seattle Ferry Terminal and pay for your ticket.. It will really pay off if a group of four players make the trip in the car and back.. Ferry crossing times are 60 minutes and with loading and unloading there will be a lot of time to chat as you wait. So with the players meeting at 1215PM, and the short drive to the site of only about 3 miles, nevertheless, you should be on the 10AM ferry.. If you take the 1110AM you will get there, but you are basically being discourteous to the organizer..

Okay, now that I either have you riled or eager, start talking about it with your friends..The return trip will be somewhat similar, but we don't know when all your games will be completed, but probably by 7PM.. Drive back to the terminal.. and it seems likely you'll be on the 755PM trip back to Seattle and your final destinations.

But I also want to mention the following for the truly adventurous. What about taking a bike and going partly with a Metro bus and/or riding your bike onto the ferry? If you have brought your bike onto a Metro Transit bus for a trip previously, then the ritual is pretty familiar and easy to you. Well, the reason why I mention this is because the Kitsap County Transit doesn't have very much Sunday bus service, if any at all. So, without a car you can take the bus to the Seattle ferry terminal; catch the 10AM ferry and catch the #11 Kitsap Transit bus to the site..on Saturday for the first round, but the return on Sunday means you walk, if you can't get a ride with someone with a car back to the terminal.. The independent problem solver.. chooses to bring a bike and quickly bike those three or so miles back to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal.. There is always the chance that your last game is short and you might catch an earlier ferry, but don't plan on it. Then Metro Transit bus it back home. You have to have adequate pack for your chess equipment and clothing for the weekend, but it probably won't require very much..

The hotel is the final ingredient. I am expecting you will stay there just one night.. and I believe the cost will be very reasonable.. I hope you will get in touch with Kris, and seriously look into making this your chess adventure of the Fall in the Puget Sound.

One last thing: As of this date, WSF have not posted the fall schedule for ferry times, so double check with them what I have stated, if you like this.
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Re: Oct 4-5 Oyster Bay Inn Classic, Bremerton, WA.

Postby hgpitre » Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:04 am

The organizer doesn't seem to want to say anything.. But he finally did get the online registration feature available for those who want to play. I read more closely the detailed TA.. and there is no players meeting before the first round. So with the round 1 set for 1230.. Maybe you can get to the event and be seated by the starting time... By catching the 1110 ferry..
Good luck.... Best would be to contact the organizer and take his recommendation...this event is truly deserving of a lot of support from the WCF.. What other USCF rated, Open events are there held west of Puget sound? How can they claim to be a STATE organization if they do nothing for such a great swath of the state? Urge that they do more to help this event grow..
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