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oregon open

PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:36 pm
by PaulWeaver
It was a humbling experience playing in this tournament. 120 played. Roughly 40 in the very demanding Open Section. Some consolation for myself was seeing uncle Vik in action. Seeing John Lai, Brian Donnell and Casey Bush on hand st the start of rd.1. Seeing Alan Hartley for the first time in forever (15 years perhaps) and Allen Chalfen and seeing Bill Heywood in action. Observing uncle Vik holding court with little kids imparting some of wisdom. The OCF meeting was interesting with Aaron Grabinsky accepting the member at large spot replacing Karl Schottstall who is around somewhere at large. :D Grisha very capably directed this monster event which included a scholastic tournament the first day. A couple of the kids wanted more so they played the next two days! Kudos to Grisha for getting the last round pairings up rapidly after the final rd. 5 game ended.

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