2009 Canadian Open in Edmonton, Alberta

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2009 Canadian Open in Edmonton, Alberta

Postby hgpitre » Sat May 23, 2009 9:56 am

Okay. Now that you've learned how to go East for a big chess tourney in the state, consider this event in July. Only 800 miles away from the Seattle area. That's what Mapquest says. It looks like it would be a wonderful road trip for some chess warriors, maybe by way of Jasper, AB, which has a renowned Canadian National Park. If some friends go together sharing lodging, it brings down the cost/person perhaps to reasonable levels, and it looks like we're talking about a very nice place to stay. About the only thing I know so far about the host city is that they have a huge shopping mall, so it will be interesting to learn more about Edmonton.

Leisurely one round per day. One big section. From what I see of those who have advance registered, in round one if you are around 1860, you might get to play GM Michael Adams or GM Alexei Shirov or GM Ni Hua. Each sports a 2700+ rating. That's going to be quite the memory if you prepare for it and are the chosen one. Okay, and for a round 2 encounter with one of them probably you need to be about 2070. Go to this site for details:

http://monroi.com/2009-canadian-open-ch ... -home.html

I am still trying to mull this one over. I have to figure out how my summer work schedule fits in with this, and the economy isn't in the shape we'd like it to be, but... Get in touch with me even if you just want to kick the idea around, and we might make it happen. Of course we'll send a report of our experiences in a colorful article to NW Chess, and then I'll again razz the WCF leadership about why don't they reach out more to BC, and now I'll add AB..

For some lucky ones, flying round trip is a possibility, but maybe you'd still like to share lodging. Write me or post here.
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Re: 2009 Canadian Open in Edmonton, Alberta

Postby hgpitre » Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:56 am

It's funny that no one from here ever wrote in to make a comment about my trip suggestion, nor, as far as I can see, made any comments about this tourney in progress. But it was a great one without our participation. It was a chance to invite some one there to come to one of our bigger events in the future. It was a chance to distribute our NWC magazines to get more exchanges going. How are you going to know what it takes to be in a great event? This has been written about already in the CLO (Chess Life Online) articles, and in the Chessbase News, and Mig Greengard of Chess Ninja wrote of it in the Daily Dirt Chess blog, and games and pictures carried by the Monroi pages. We were only 800 miles away..Got to get out more.
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