Northwest Open, at TCC, March 9 & 10, 2013,

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Northwest Open, at TCC, March 9 & 10, 2013,

Postby hgpitre » Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:08 am

To The Tacoma Chess Club and to all NWC players and readers of this forum.

These are just ideas, guidelines, suggestions, to be examined, and I hope, improved and utilized to arrive at a better tournament arrangement than has been previously put forth to your customers, the tournament players.

Regarding in particular: the March 9 and 10 event the Northwest Open which is listed in the NWC Calendar of events with no details..

Have two sections, and four rounds..

Time control: Game in 120 with 10 second delay. Try this instead of the usual 5 second delay. Note: This is being used by the very active San Diego Chess Club for their Recession Buster tourney. Feb 16-18, 2013

Get some discussion and feedback on all of these matters listed below with the club officers, and strong players, and with some parents of kids who come to your events. What are they looking for in these tournaments?

Have rounds at 10AM and 2:30PM on Saturday, and 9AM and 1:30PM on Sunday.

Any player who finishes his Round 1 game after 1:45PM may request of the TD immediately after game is finished and will be granted a start of next round for himself and his new opponent at 2:45PM.
Any player who finishes his Round 3 game after 12:45PM may request of the TD immediately after the game is finished and will be granted a start of next round for himself and his new opponent at 1:45PM.

or have Round 1 at 1230PM and Round 2 at 5PM with Sunday rounds at 9AM and 1:30PM with a similar provision for a long first or third round game. This is my preferred scenario, but decide on what you think is best. This may encourage some players from farther away to come to the event. See a later remark.

Short first round games will not speed up the tourney. It just gives a player more time to eat, explore, and find out what they did wrong, or why they got so lucky.

Registration should be short. A half-hour only. Get the pairings out and Round 1 started on time.

Set it up with the eight highest rated registered players seeded into the top section. Looking for about 50% of prize money for top section. No half-point byes available in top section

and the remaining players into the lower section.. Looking for about 16 players there.
and about 50% of prize money to lower section. Half-point byes are available in lower section, but only if obtained at registration, or advance registration. A player beginning the tourney in round 2 must have registered in advance, or starts with a zero-point bye.

But there should be about this 1/3 in the top to 2/3 in the bottom competing ratio, if the turnout is larger or smaller than this estimated 24 player turnout, it can still be altered, but with this as a guide. The small number of players for the top section is to insure good, close competition, and to be a reward for having worked to achieve a higher rating.

Registration money is non-refundable after the tourney begins with Round 1.

Players must be USCF members, and WCF/OCF/ICA members. Encourage them to make those purchases or renewals before coming to the tourney.

Have only two or three prizes in top section and only three or four prizes in the lower section. Carefully think out the prize fund. Don't leave that decision in the hands of a non-player.

Allow for up to two players from the top of lower section to play in the top section, if up to two players from the top section wish to go into the lower section. If this is attempted, this must be done without delaying Round 1. Some younger players want the challenge even sooner than they have truly earned it. This provision is so they are not discouraged by the design of the event right at the outset.

The overall club take for this two-day event should be reasonable. I don't know what you have been getting the past, but consider this closely. I think that if you get 24 players for this event which takes maybe from 915AM to to 7PM on Saturday (or from 11:45AM to 9:30PM) and then from 8:45AM to 6PM on Sunday, and then time for submitting a rating report.. you might be able to pay out about 70% of entry fees in prizes. Am I being too generous? The TD/ registration duties can be shared among others in the club, and it also possible that the TD might act as a player, and in some cases as a house man. This is an important decision of the club to make in the tourney design. The club President has to be the ultimate wise one about this.

I am not saying what the basic entry fee should be, or any of those details regarding advance registration. The club officers decide that but should do so carefully. It is a totally different and desirable matter to look for patrons and supporters of the club. Don't you have resources already covering the club rent? Then shouldn't your strategy currently be one of trying to attract players to the club by putting on the most attractive event you can while covering the operating expenses of the event?

You have to make a strong, fresh outreach program to get some players to come out and give your event a try. Advertise, use the telephone, and get it placed in the NW Chess website early, before too long goes by in 2013.

Let people know that TCC is not far from the Tacoma Dome Station. with its terminal for Sound Transit buses from Seattle and a sizable free parking garage. Get players to carpool or take Metro, Sound Transit, or Pierce Transit to the event. And if the Saturday rounds begin at 1230PM, it would be possible for a player to take the 830AM Amtrak Cascades from Portland to Tacoma arriving at 11:04AM. The Amtrak station is a short distance from the club. Stay overnight with a friend at a Hotel nearby; for instance, La Quinta, Silver Cloud, Courtyard, and others. Return to Portland by 9PM on Sunday using the Amtrak Cascades which departs Tacoma at 6:13PM. That is what I would call a chess loving, train loving holiday. Sometimes in the winter there are special low fares. It would be great for a TCC event to have a few players from Oregon attending.

Tell them about the food offerings in Freight House Square that they can walk to. You have a great variety of sights to explore if the player has a short game. Preach it. You are a viable Chess Club, if your members would take responsibility for putting on a smart, steady event and series of events.

If the customers, i.e. the players, feel that they have been treated right, and that the event went on smoothly without a hitch, I believe they will return and be your best advertisement for getting others to attend in the future. And you have to ask them to tell their friends of their overall favorable opinion of the current status or health of the TCC tournament regime.

So, readers, if you like anything of what I have put here, please somehow get in touch with the people of the Tacoma Chess Club and urge that that they work on these, or your ideas. I'd like to play in such a tourney. Maybe they can get to their capacity of their club site. I don't know what it is, but that would be a great outcome..
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Re: Northwest Open, at TCC, March 9 & 10, 2013,

Postby hgpitre » Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:39 pm

Now there have been some details posted about this event. Basically it will consist of four five-hour games.. Why do they need to have five hour games in Tacoma? Is there some big prize money at stake? They did not use my suggestion of having two sections. I see many faults with this tourney. I hope someone else advises the TD on the details. I don't see much success for the tournament in its current format.. I.e. as of jan 17.
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Re: Northwest Open, at TCC, March 9 & 10, 2013,

Postby hgpitre » Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:43 pm

The event was held. There were really only eight players. The TD was really a house-man. A total of 15 games played. With a stated 60% payout, we can estimate that the winner got about $40 for his effort on an entry fee of $25 of $30.. not exactly a return that will entice other strong players to come forth, participate, and put their hard-won rating points on the line. The winner took a half-point bye to reduce his time commitment. Pretty much what I could have predicted. The club needs to change their ways.. If anyone can report that the club has changed in a smart way.. Let me know here, please..

The TLA in the march issue of NWC..

 Mar 9-10 Northwest Open, Tacoma, WA. Site: Tacoma Chess Club, 409 Puyallup Ave. E., in the DTI Soccer Store Building across from Alfred's Cafe & 2 blocks down the hill from the Tacoma Dome. Format: 4 Round Swiss, 1 Section. Time Control: 40/90, SD/60 +5 second delay. Entry Fee: Adults $25.00 Advanced, $30.00 at the door, Jr.'s $20.00. Registration: 9:00-9:45 A.M., Rounds: Sat. 10:00, 4:00, Sun. 10:00, 4:00. Prize Fund: 60% of entry fees. 1st 25%, 2nd 15%, U2000, U1700, U1400 20%. Byes: 2 half point byes available. USCF/WCF Memberships required. NS, NC, NW. Entries/Info: Gary J. Dorfner, 8423 E. B St., Tacoma, WA 98445, (253) 535-2536,

The USCF rating report

Section 1 - SECTION1
Section Date(s) 2013-03-09 thru 2013-03-10
Processed Received: 2013-03-11 Entered: 2013-03-11 Rated: 2013-03-15 Re-Rated: 2013-03-17
Stats 4 Rounds, 9 Players; K Factor: F Rating Sys: R Tnmt Type: S
Time Control: 40/90,SD/60;+5
Pair | Player Name |Total|Round|Round|Round|Round|
Num | USCF ID / Rtg (Pre->Post) | Pts | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
1 | VIKTORS PUPOLS |3.5 |W 7|W 2|H |W 4|
WA | 10511186 / R: 2204 ->2213 | | | | | |
2 | PAUL R BARTRON |3.0 |W 6|L 1|W 3|W 5|
WA | 12590173 / R: 2151 ->2150 |N:1 | | | | |
3 | MARK BUSTILLO SAARENAS |2.5 |D 4|W 5|L 2|W 7|
WA | 12521223 / R: 1867 ->1874 |N:2 | | | | |
4 | RALPH J ANTHONY |2.5 |D 3|W 9|W 8|L 1|
WA | 12487500 / R: 1648 ->1661 |N:4 | | | | |
5 | MATTHEW LEROY NILL |2.0 |W 8|L 3|W 7|L 2|
WA | 12542221 / R: 1787 ->1788 |N:3 | | | | |
6 | STEPHEN J BUCK |1.5 |L 2|H |H |D 8|
WA | 10428700 / R: 1712 ->1700 | | | | | |
7 | KRISTEN S DIETSCH |1.0 |L 1|W 8|L 5|L 3|
WA | 10509301 / R: 1774 ->1754 | | | | | |
8 | RICHARD ALLEN SEWELL |0.5 |L 5|L 7|L 4|D 6|
WA | 12921946 / R: 1339P16->1343P20 | | | | | |
9 | GARY J DORFNER |0.5 |H |L 4|U |U |
WA | 10511780 / R: 1155 ->1152 | | | | | |
Note: Performances satisfying the r
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