WA Challengers Cup Postponed!!

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WA Challengers Cup Postponed!!

Postby NWC_BM » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:38 pm

I just received word from Gary Dorfner … due to unusually severe weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest, the Washington Challengers Cup has been postponed until December 27-28. All the other tournament details (including the location at the Tacoma Chess Club) remain the same at this time. As I might not be able to update the NWC website next week due to holiday travel, please watch this forum for any further news. Happy Holidays!
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Re: WA Challengers Cup Postponed!!

Postby Mike MacGregor » Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:25 pm

Ten players came to compete in Tacoma. Bill Schill and Mike MacGregor tied for 1st-2nd with 3/4 points and had a 15-minute blitz game to play for rights to the Washington State Championship. Bill was down a couple of minutes but with more than five minutes to play on Bill's clock Michael committed a tactical blunder, losing a rook, and soon resigned in a few more moves. Congratulations to Bill Schill for his seeding to the 2009 Washington State Championship. On board two in the final round were Harley Greninger and Joshua Sinanan, who agreed to a draw after Harley was preparing, if necessary, to undermine and win Joshua's protected passed pawn on the kingside by attacking it at the base with his only pawn. Joshua's king was far away, vacationing on the queenside, to offer any assistance than that of a witness to their pending doom. Howard Chen had a 2/2 lead after Saturday's rounds but mysteriously called and notified the TD that he would not appear for Sunday's games. On board 3 two boys were paired. By the fourth round four players had withdrawn or requested a last-round bye. Harley finished with 2.5/4 and Joshua with 2/4. Bill had lost to Howard Chen and Mike MacGregor drew Joshua and Bill.
Mike MacGregor
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Re: WA Challengers Cup Postponed!!

Postby williamschill » Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:34 pm

Actually I drew in the first and last rounds and lost none. By some weird bit of luck I have not lost a game this year! If 2009 goes as well I will be famous! :lol:

Here is my hard fought third round win against young up and comer Joshua Sinanan;

[Event "WA CUP"]
[Site "Tacoma"]
[Date "2008.12.28"]
[Round "3"]
[White "Sinanan, J."]
[Black "Schill, William"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteElo "2170"]
[BlackElo "2280"]

1. Nf3 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. g3 O-O 5. Bg2 d6 6. O-O e5 7. d3 Nc6 8. Bg5
h6 9. Bxf6 Bxf6 10. Rb1 a5 11. a3 Bg7 12. b4 axb4 13. axb4 Be6 14. b5 Ne7 15.
Ne1 c6 16. Nc2 d5 17. bxc6 bxc6 18. cxd5 cxd5 19. Nb4 Rc8 20. Qd2 (20. Qb3 d4
21. Ncd5 Kh8) 20... Qd7 21. Rfc1 f5 22. e3 d4 23. Ne2 dxe3 24. fxe3 Rxc1+ 25.
Rxc1 Rd8 26. Rc5 {Look for white's weakness, the unopposed bishop gives us the
hint; black squares!} Qa7! 27. Qc3 f4! {All of the tactics involve the a7-g1 and g7-a1 diagonals.} 28. d4 fxe3 29. d5 (
29. Rc7 exd4 $1 30. Rxa7 dxc3 31. Rxe7 Rd1+ 32. Bf1 Bh3) 29... e4! 30. Qxe3? Nf5! 31. Qc1 Nd4 (31... Bf8 {The bishop move would win even faster!}) 32.
Kf1 Nxe2 33. Kxe2 Bg4+ 34. Kf1 Rf8+ 35. Ke1 Bd4 (35... Bd4 36. Qxh6 Bxc5 37.
Qxg6+ Qg7) 0-1

In the last round I had an edge against Michael but allowed the position to close and Mike defended with confidence;

[Event "WA CUP"]
[Site "Tacoma"]
[Date "2008.12.28"]
[Round "4"]
[White "Schill, William"]
[Black "MacGregor, M."]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 O-O 8. h3
d6 9. c3 Na5 10. Bc2 c5 11. d4 Qc7 12. Nbd2 Bd7 13. Nf1 Rfc8 14. d5 (14. dxe5
dxe5 15. Ne3) 14... h6 15. b3 Nb7 16. c4 Rcb8 17. Bd2 Bf8 18. Ne3 g6 19. Nh2
Bg7 20. Nhg4 Nxg4 21. hxg4 Qd8 22. g3 Qf8 23. Kg2 f6 24. Qe2 Nd8 25. Rab1 Rb7
26. Rh1 Rab8 27. Bd3 Nf7 28. Rbf1 Qe7 29. f3 b4 30. Rf2 a5 31. Rhf1 a4 32. Bb1
Ra7 33. Bc1 axb3 34. axb3 Re8 35. Qd3 Ra6 36. f4 Rf8 37. Qd1 Raa8 38. Kg1 Rfe8
39. Ng2 Rf8 40. Nh4 Nh8 41. Ng2 Nf7 42. f5 g5 43. Bb2 Ra6 44. Ne1 Rfa8 45. Nd3
Qd8 46. Kg2 Qc7 47. Rh1 Kf8 48. Kf3 Ke7 49. Rhh2 Rh8 50. Kg2 Kd8 51. Kh1 Kc8
52. Bc1 Kb7 53. Be3 Rha8 54. Ra2 Rxa2 55. Rxa2 Rxa2 56. Bxa2 Qa5 57. Qc2 Nd8

Can anyone tell me when the invitations for the Championship are going out? Or at least who is seeded besides myself?!
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