some dashing play to refute an unsound sac by Chess Titans

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some dashing play to refute an unsound sac by Chess Titans

Postby PaulWeaver » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:49 pm

Chess Titans (level 10)-Paul Weaver 11/18/13 King's Indian System 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nf3 g6 3 e3 Bg7 4 Bd3 0-0 5 0-0 d6 6 c4 Nbd7 7 Nc3 e5 8 Bd2 (one wonders about the idea behind this move) Re8 9 Qb1 Ng4 (striving for ... f5) 10 b3 (what was the program thinking?) f5 11 Rc1?? (this sacrifice is obviously not sound but some good play is required to put it in its place) e4 12 Nxe4 fxe4 13 Bxe4 c6! (preventing Bd5+) 14 Bd3 Ndf6 15 h3 Nh6 16 e4 Rf8 (preparing for ... Nf4. It also has the tactical strength of leaving the knight on f3 loose once white's "g" pawn is no longer at g2) 17 e5 dxe5 18 dxe5 Nh5 19 Bxg6? (this doesn't work due to ...) hxg6 20 Bxh6! Bf5!! (without this move white would actually have fair chances) 21 Bg5 Qc8! 22 Qb2 Bxh3 23 gxh3 Rxf3 24 h4 Qg4+ 25 Kf1 Re8!! (actually I didn't see ... Ng3+ which is weaker. the idea behind the text move is 26 Bf6 Nf4! and if the "e" pawn is undefended then ... Rxe5 or ... Bxe5 puts white away rapidly) 26 Re1 Rh3 27 Rad1 Rh1 mate
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