11 perfect scores after 3 rounds in the US Open Traditional Schedule

FM Nick Raptis from Portland OR is among the 11 players tied for first place after three rounds of the traditional schedule. Photo credit: Jeff Roland

Five FIDE titled chess players are among the 11 tied for first place at 3-0 after three rounds of the traditional schedule of the 2012 U.S. Open in Vancouver, WA. The complete list can be found on the U.S. Chess Federation website and will be updated by Phil Smith as the tournament progresses.

Perfect scores through three rounds:

1 GM Seirawan, Yasser WA 2674
2 Norowitz, Yaacov NJ 2569
3 IM Mulyar, Michael A CO 2456
4 IM Kaufman, Raymond CA 2420
5 Breckenridge, Steven OR 2349
6 FM Raptis, Nick OR 2330
7 WFM Labedz, Patrycja Anna TX 2329
8 Sinanan, Joshua WA 2259
9 Mac Farland, James S CA 2215
10 Cheng, Kun Jack, Jr BC 2156
11 Gustafsson, Alexander UT 2060

Northwest players with 2.5 points:

Gay, Daniel Zachary OR 2212
Prochaska, Peter OR 2200
Airapetian, Chouchanik WA 2155
Kleist, Frederick K WA 2098
Daroza, Eduardo OR 2049
Herrera, Robert OR 2044
Morris, Michael J OR 2044
Tobin, Sean OR 2025
Merwin, Steven E WA 2015
Goshen, Matthew Robert WA 2013
Peake, Ethan J OR 1907

There are 205 players in the traditional schedule. Another 300+ players are expected in the 6-day and 4-day schedules. The 6-day begins tonight (rd. 1 = 7 pm Tuesday).
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