Denker, Barber complete. Six day schedule begins in the main event.

Pictured above is our NWC table in Vancouver. Photo Credit: David Grimaud.

Atulya Shetty (MI) and Darwin Yang (TX) topped the leader board at the Denker, with Shetty taking the UT-Dallas scholarship on tiebreak. Tommy He won the Barber while Alexandra Weiner won the US Junior Girls Open. Full crosstables are available on the USCF web site.

Alexandra Botez (OR) finished 1.5 points back at 3.5. Michael Omori (WA) had 2.5. Adam Jiang (ID) garnered two pionts. The alternate, Cole Hunt (WA) finished with 1 win. Results of NW players in the Barber K-8 will be reported in our next update.

187 new players began play in the 6-day event. As a result, GMs Alexander Shabalov and Alejandro Ramirez are now in the field. Results of the Tuesday Quads are here.

Please stop by the Northwest Chess table and say “hello”. From this point on we will be sharing our table with Chess Journalists of America representatives Al Lawrence and Mark Taylor.

Following is Gary Dorfner’s second report from the 2012 U.S. Open:
Day 3 August 6
The Monday Quads were held with 26 players forming
6 Quads. The winners were: Quad #1 Nicholas Karas
from CA. 3.0 $50.00, Quad #2 Michael Goffe from
OR. 2.5 $50.00, Quad #3 Odysseus Rodriguez from
WA. 2.0 $25.00 & James Mulligan from WA. 2.0 $25.00,
Quad #4 Boas Lee from WA. 2.5 $50.00, Quad #5
William Allison from OR 2.0 $25.00 & Chris Kim
from MD. 2 $25.00, Quad #6(This was run as a
Swiss as there were 6 players in it) Pe Kannan
Nagarejan from FL. 3.0 $50.00.

Day 4 August 7
The Tue. Quads were held with 40 players forming 10
Quads. The winners were: Quad #1 Kein MO from PA.
2.0 $50.00, Quad #2 Nicholas Karas from Ca. 2.5 $50.00,
Quad #3 Michael Goffe from Or. 3.0 $50.00, Quad #4
Kenneth Truong from WA. 2.5 & James Wang from WA.
2.5 $50.00 each, Quad #5 James Mulligan WA. 2.0 $50.00,
Quad #6 Douglas Strohbehn from WA. 2.0 $50.00,
Quad #7 Aaron Pikus from OR. 2.5 $50.00, Quad #8
Jake Winkler from OR. 2.5 $50.00, Quad #9 Josiah
Perkins from OR. 3.0 $50.00, Quad #10 Geordyn
Allyn from OR. 2.0 $25.00 & Travis Miller from AK.
2.0 $25.00 each.
14 states were represented in this event.
Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions Report
There were 47 players representing 46 states playing in this event.
The winners were: 1st Tommy He from TX. 5.5 $800.00 Scholarship,
2nd/3rd Praveen Balakrishnan from NJ. & Mika Brattain from
MA. $650.00 Scholarship each, 4th Roland Feng from WA.
$300.00 Scholarship, 5th Jackson Chen from CO. , Jalen Wang
from MI. , Andrew Tang from MN. , Matthew Fishbein from ME. ,
Craig Hilby from Ca., Maggi Feng from OH. & Zhoazhi Li
from IL. $42.86 Scholarship each. Ursula Foster award went
to Tommy He from TX. $500.00 Scholarship, Upset award
went to Tinglin Shi from WI (403 points) $100.00 Scholarship,
Best Game award went to Roland Feng from WA. $100.00