March 2013 issue of Northwest Chess

March 2013 Mock-up (Page 1)

The March issue of Northwest Chess was completed on February 22, 2013. The above link is the Formal Mock-up for the issue.

This issue is very special (I guess they all are), as it contains all the games from the State Championships in the first 4 rounds for both WA and OR that were held on the February 9-10 weekend, many with notes by Ralph Dubisch.

I attempted to be very comprehensive in the reporting of the championship games (since they were 10-player round robin events) and plan to continue that to its conclusion in the April issue. Only some of Idaho’s games will appear in the April issue since Idaho’s event was a Swiss System tournament open to everyone in the state which would just be too many games.

The issue is two days later than last month’s issue was, but it is still on time. Of course, I think it’s a great issue!

Jeff Roland