Seattle CC August Quads Results

20 players attended the Aug 10, 2013 event at the Seattle Chess Club. Fred Kleist was the TD. 4 sections were set up. Brice Tiglon won Section A 2.5-.5. Man Tran Quang scored 2.5-.5 winning section B. Stuart Rowe scoring 2.5-.5 won Section C. The first three sections were 4 player quads. The 4th section had 8 players and was a 3 round Swiss won with 3-0 by Paul Han.

USCF Cross table CLICK HERE.

By Russell (Rusty) Miller

In memory of Rusty Miller, 1942-2020. Former Editor and Business Manager of NORTHWEST CHESS. Worked for International Chess Enterprises 1991-2001. Former President Washington Chess Federation.