Some PNW Results from US Open

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US Open in Madison WI had 519 players. There were a number from WA/OR/ID.

Below are the scores of 4.5 or better from the 9 round event. Ratings listed are theĀ one used for pairing the event.

Roland Feng WA 2268 6.5
Bryce Tiglan WA 2142 6.5
Carl Haessler OR 2210 6
Corbin Yu OR 2176 6
Aaron Grabinsky OR 2055 6
Patrick Van Dyke WA 2129 5.5
Dakota Dixon WA 2119 5.5
Fred Kleist WA 2037 5
Andrew Trattner OR 1771 5
Michael Murray WA 2037 4.5
Noah Fields WA 1880 4.5
Brendan Zhang WA 1753 4.5
Jeff Roland ID 1731 4.5
Wesley Esko WA 1538 4.5

There were others who scored less points. Expect there will be a report in the September NORTHWEST CHESS as Murlin Varner was there once again and he usually does a report.

By Russell (Rusty) Miller

In memory of Rusty Miller, 1942-2020. Former Editor and Business Manager of NORTHWEST CHESS. Worked for International Chess Enterprises 1991-2001. Former President Washington Chess Federation.