Presidental Scholastic Results

On Feb 15, 2014, a 5 section scholastic event was held at Olympic View Elementary School, Seattle. David Hendricks was the tournament Director.
17 players in the K-1 Under 800 rated section were topped by the 5-0 score of Palash Singhal of Creekside Elementary in Issaquah.
18 players in the K-3 Open section were topped by Rockwell Elementary of Redmond student Daniel Shubin with 5-0.
22 players in the 2-3 Under 800 rated sections was also won by a 5-0 score by Asa Whitehead of Leschi Elementary of Seattle.
Two students in the 4-6 under 900 rated section scored 4.5-.5, Ezra Ford of Leschi Elementary and Tate Fuller of Lakeside Middle School of Seattle.
Bear Creek School of Redmond student Asher Thakur scored 4.5 to top the 19 player 4-7 Open section.

CLICK HERE for the Chess Ratings Northwest crosstables for the event.

The two Open Sections were USCF rated CLICK HERE for those crosstables. 16 players got their first USCF ratings in this event.

CLICK HERE for photos.