Chess4Life Bellevue Catholic Challenge Results

The Chess4Life group ran a scholastic event on March 8 in Bellevue, Washington. Lane Van Weerdhuizen was the director.

24 players took part in their first tournament, Beginner Section. Adam Chung of St. Brendan in Bothell won that section with 4.5-.5.

The K- 2nd Grade Section for those rated under 800 was a three way tie all with 5-0 by Dexter Farewell, William Huddleston and Henry Laun. All are students at St. Joseph’s in Seattle. 20 players in this section.

The K-8 Open section had 7 players. Perfect 5-0 score by Alexander Simmons of St. Joseph in Issaquah won it.

The rated under 900 in grades 3-4 had two 4-1 scores to top the section, Mason Flaat and Daniel Bomberger. Both students at St. Louise in Bellevue.

Section for 5th-8th graders and rated under 900 was won with 5-0 score by Alexius Oropesa of St. Brendan in Bothell.

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