Dragonslayer Results

Photo Credit: James Stripes
Photo Credit: James Stripes

James Stripes directed a scholastic event in Spokane on March 22, 2014.
Ryan Waters of Northwest Christian School in Spokane won the 28 player K-3 section with 5-0 score.
Ethan Naresh of Northwest Christian School topped the K-6 section which had 25 players.
Savanna Naccarato of Farman Elementary in Sandpoint, Idaho won the K-12 section with a 5-0 score. 15 players in this section.

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James Stripes report from his Facebook post:

“A Day of Upsets

Savanna Naccarato (5.0) topped the Dragonslayer’s competitive K-12 section at Saint George’s School March 22 to take the $60 top prize. Shawn Lewis (4.0) was second, earning $40. There were five players with 3.0 sharing third place. Christian Monzingo won the prize for biggest upset ($15), while the others–Alex Herron, Alex Anderson, Logan Faulkner, and Suhang Liu--split the prizes for third and fourth place ($10 each).

As the highest rated player, Savanna might have been expected to win. However, the top rated players in the other sections fared less well as ten players each scored upsets of 200 points or more. There were also several strong upsets in K-12. Christian started the day with a 277 point upset and then scored a 511 point upset in the second round. An even larger upset of 522 was achieved in the K-3 section by John Paul Schlegel. In the K-6 section, both Malachi Hernandez (311 points) an Emmett Davidson (295 points) won prizes for their upsets.

Individual trophy winners in K-6 included Ethan Naresh (4.5), Grand Champion; Tariq Ravasia (4.0), first in fourth grade; Dawson Jury (4.0), first in fifth grade; Cameron Simonds (4.0); A.J. Stenbeck (3.5); and Evan Craciun (3.5). All those scoring 3.0 won trophies or medals depending on the strength of their tie-breaks.

Ryan Waters topped the K-3 section with the day’s only other perfect 5.0. Derek Phipps (4.0) was first in third grade, Josh Lubanski (3.5) was first in second grade, Enelyn Arquette (3.0) was first in grade one, and Ethan Shan (2.5) was first in kindergarten. Noah Brody and Kara Chiang each scored 4.0 an won trophies. Those scoring 3.0 won trophies or medals based on tie-breaks.

The team competition in K-6 earned Northwest Christian its second trophy in March with 14.5 points among the school’s top four. Saint George’s School and Pioneer School placed second with 13.0 each. North Wall School won the trophy for bringing the most new players.”