March Madness Scholastic Event

On March 8, 2014 Jerry Ramey directed 4 section event of scholastic chess at South Eugene High School in Eugene Oregon.

Aaron Grabinsky a home schooled student of Coquille, Oregon with a 4-0 score won the 8 player Elite 8 section.

With 3.5-.5 Nathan Arthurs of Lincoln Middle School in Pullman Washington won the Advanced section in which 14 players took part.

The Intermediate Section of 21 players had a top scorer at 5-0, Jimmy Wang of Edison Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon.

23 players in the Novice Section. 4.5-.5 by Andy Xing of Prairie Mountain Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon won that section.

CLICK HERE for the Chess Ratings Northwest crosstable for all sections.

The top two sections were USCF dual rated. CLICK HERE for those crosstables.