Richland March Madness Results

Lots of kids in Richland Washington on March 1, 2014 under the direction of Gregg Delmon Dillingham.

Lots of clear section winners:
Section K-1 under 800 rating was won by Colin Shen of Sacajawea Elementary School in Richland with 4.5-.5 score. 24 players in this section.
Section K-3 Open another 4.5-.5 score won, Patrick Kovels of Christ The King School in Richland. 10 players in this section.
The Grade 2-3 section had 39 players and a clear winner at 5-0, Bishan Zheng of Lewis & Clark Elementary School in Richland.
26 players in the Grade 4 under 800 rated section and another 5-0 score by Jocelyne Neri of Virgie Robinson Elementary in Pasco.
The Grade 4-6 Open had 27 players and another 5-0 winner, Christopher Rausch of Lewis & Clark Elementary in Richland.
Also a perfect 5-0 score in 41 player Grade 5-6 under 800 rating section by Santos De Lee of John McLoughlin Middle School in Pasco.
Only 11 players in the Grade 7-12 section won by three players with 4-1 scores: Tony Ngo of John McLoughlin Middle School, Elijah Perez of Bethlehem Lutheran School in Kennewick and Marcus Hernandez of John McLoughlin Middle School.


By Russell (Rusty) Miller

In memory of Rusty Miller, 1942-2020. Former Editor and Business Manager of NORTHWEST CHESS. Worked for International Chess Enterprises 1991-2001. Former President Washington Chess Federation.