PNW Players among Winners of Long Running California Event.

Arthur Stamer Memorial Winners (1964-1993)

The Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club’s longest-running tournament was held June 6–7, 2015. Here is a list of previous winners, that includes many well-known names. The 1974 event, won by many-time Oregon state champion Clark Harmon, was the best-attended, with 117 entries.

1964 William Addison
1965 Earl Pruner
1966 Duncan Suttles
1967 Earl Pruner and Dennis Fritzinger
1968 John Blackstone and Jude Acers
1969 Earl Pruner
1970 Julio Kaplan, Gilbert Ramirez, Dennis Fritzinger and Jairo Gutierrez
1971 James McCormick and David Blohm
1972 Rex Wilcox
1973 Craig Barnes
1974 Clark Harmon
1975 Craig Barnes and C.Bill Jones
1976 Roy Ervin, Jeremy Silman, and Frank Thornally
1977 John Watson
1978 Peter Biyiasas and Paul Cornelius
1979 Peter Biyiasas
1980 Nick deFirmian
1981 Viktors Pupols
1982 Peter Biyiasas
1983 Nick de Firmian and Jeremy Silman
1984 Peter Biyiasas
1985 Zaki Harari
1986 Nick deFirmian
1987 Dov Gorman
1988 Alex Savetti and Sid Rubin
1989 Marc Leski and Elliott Winslow
1990 Gregory Kotlyar
1991 Igor Ivanov, Richard Koepcke, Greg Hjorth and Jim Eade
1992 Walter Browne and Renard Anderson
1993 Nick deFirmian, John Donaldson, Marc Leski and Emmanuel Perez

From MECHANICS’ INSTITUTE CHESS ROOM NEWSLETTER by IM John Donaldson. For the rest of the list up to 2014, CLICK HERE.