Roland Feng Scores 7-2 in US Open

The 2015 US Open was held in Phoenix AZ August 1-9. Roland Feng’s score pushed his rating up 23 to 2403 making him a Senior Master.┬áRoland’s 7-2 score won him $922.20 1st-4th Master (tie). He placed 4th in the BLIZ tournament. Grandmaster Alexander Shabalov won the event with 8.5-.5. 8 wins and a last round fighting draw. 491 players took part. There were a number of players from WA/OR/ID.

William Schill 6-3, Viktors Pupols 6-3, Dakota Dixon 6-3, at 5.5-3.5: Brendan Zhang, Michael Hosford, Fred Kleist, at 5-4: Joshua Sinanan, Patrick Van Dyke, Alan Tan, at 4.5-4.5: Oscar Petrov, Robin Li-Yang Tu, Charles Whitmer, Shidhar Seshudri at 4-5: Morgan Larkin, Audrey Whitmer 3.5-5.5, Alan Bishop 2.5-6.5.

Carl Haessler 6.5-2.5, Yogi Saputra 5.5-3.5, Gavin Zhang 5-4, Zake Winkler 4-5, Russell Crenshaw 4-5.

Carmen Pensler 4-5, Charles Hughes 3.5-5.5, Adam and Dylan Porth both 2.5-6.5.

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By Russell (Rusty) Miller

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