2016 Idaho Closed State Championship

David Lucky in the final round of the tournament. Photo credit: Jeffrey Roland.
David Lucky in the final round of the 2016 Idaho Closed State Championship. Photo credit: Jeffrey Roland.

The 2016 Idaho Closed State Championship was played February 13-15, 2016 in Twin Falls, Idaho. 36 players plus one house player attended the event. Jeffrey Roland was Chief Tournament Director assisted by Jay Simonson, Adam Porth, and Alise Pemsler.

David Lucky won the state championship title for the second consecutive year with another perfect store of 6.0/6. Nicholas B. Hawkins was second place overall with 5.0/6. James Inman was third place overall with 4.5/6.

Class A – 1st Place = Lloyd Landon with 4.0/6.
Class B – 1st Place = Jarod Buus with 4.0/6.
Class B – 2nd Place = Jeffrey Roland with 4.0/6.
Class C – 1st Place = Jacob Ari Nathan with 4.0/6.
Class C – 2nd Place = Wesley Nyblade with 3.5/6.
Class D – 1st Place = Adam Porth with 3.0/6.
Class D – 2nd Place = Wesley Nyblade III with 3.0/6.
Class E, F & Below = 1st Place = Temiloluwa Aderogba with 2.5/6.
Class E, F & Below = 2nd Place = Darwin Porth with 2.5/6.
Unrated – 1st Place = Samir Saltaga with 2.5/6.
Top Senior = John Carr with 4.0/6.
Top Junior = Carmen Pemsler with 3.0/6.
Top Woman = Savanna Naccarato with 4.0/6.

Here is a link to the US Chess Crosstable.