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  • Three-way tie in Oregon Open

    This year’s Oregon Open, held Aug. 30-31 and Sept. 1, 2014 at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree in Portland, ended in a three-way tie for first in the Open Section. Nick Raptis, Daniel He and Micah Smith all went undefeated with two draws, scoring 5.0 out of 6.0. (Raptis and He drew each other in the final […]

  • 2013 Oregon Open Results

    CLICK HERE for USCF CROSSTABLE. 5-1 was the winning score for both sections of the 139 player Oregon Open. Those getting that score in the Open section were Oregon players: Aaron Grabinsky, Richard Gutman and Alexandra Botez. Topping the Reserve Section were: Stephen Buck (WA), James Chen (OR) and Abhinav Brahmarouthu (OR) and Ralph Anthony […]

  • Oregon Open set for Labor Day Weekend

    The annual Oregon Open, the biggest chess tournament in Oregon, is set for Labor Day weekend, September 1-3, 2012, in Gresham. See the flyer and entry form at http://www.nwchess.com/calendar/OR_Open_flyer_2012.pdf.