2013 Oregon Open Results

CLICK HERE for USCF CROSSTABLE. 5-1 was the winning score for both sections of the 139 player Oregon Open. Those getting that score in the Open section were Oregon players: Aaron Grabinsky, Richard Gutman and Alexandra Botez. Topping the Reserve Section were: Stephen Buck (WA), James Chen (OR) and Abhinav Brahmarouthu (OR) and Ralph Anthony… Continue reading 2013 Oregon Open Results

Portland CC July G/60 Results

USCF Cross table CLICK HERE. Steve Breckenridge and Nick Raptis tied for 1st place when they won three and drew with each other in round 4. 22 players took part on July 27 at the Portland Chess Club. Neil Dale handled the TD tasks.

Summer Open Results

The Portland Chess Club hosted the event on July 13-14, 2013. 45 players took part in two sections with Gregori Alpernas running the event. Both sections had lone winners, both with 4.5-.5 scores. Brian Esler won the Open Section and Christopher Burris the Reserve Section. Click here for the USCF Crosstable.

Portland CC June 2013 Quads Results

2 sections of 6 players each took part in the event held June 4 to July 2, 2013. Gregori Alpernas handled the TD tasks. 4.5-.5 score by Lennart Bjorksten topped the upper section. 3.5-1.5 by Jeff Austin topped the lower section. This event was played with a time control of 40/90 SD/30 d5. USCF Crosstable here.

Portland CC June G/60 Results

Two of the 14 players both from Washington scored 3.5-.5 to top the event: Micah Smith and Noah Fields. They drew with each other in round 3. Neil Dale was the chief TD with assistance from Micah Smith. Kian Patel scored 3-1 pushing his regular USCF rating from 1335 to 1524. USCF Crosstable CLICK HERE.