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Northwest Chess Magazine Back Issues

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Chess Journalists of America award entries
Beginning in 2021, CJA award entries are submitted privately via Google Drive, and are not linked on this website. However, you can still view all Northwest Chess magazine back issues after a three-month delay.
Title: Chesstoons Drawn by Brian Berger
(some as printed in Northwest Chess, some modified or not previously published - see the descriptions inside)
Chesstoons Drawn by Brian Berger:
Book 1: November 2013-October 2015
Book 2: November 2015-February 2018
Online books are free for private non-commercial use. For any commercial use, re-publishing, etc., please contact the NWC Business Manager or Publisher.
2023 (all in full color!)
Note: Most 2023 issues also feature "From the Editor’s Desk" by Jeffrey Roland.
(selected pages)
Cover: Zoey Tang and Greg Markowski by Lilly Tang.
32-page issue with "2023 Oregon Closed" by Wilson Gibbins, "Eastside Open" by Josh Sinanan, "2023 Idaho Closed State Championship" by Adam Porth and Jeffrey Roland, "2023 Oregon Girls Championship" by Wilson Gibbins, "Washington State High School Chess Team" and "2023 Presidential Scholastic" by Josh Sinanan, and a back-cover photo of Josh Price, Kaustubh Kodihalli, James Wei and Adam Porth by Kyra Dorman.
(selected pages)
Cover: Advaith Vijayakumar by Meiling Cheng.
32-page issue with "Answers to last month’s puzzles" by Valentin Razmov, "Washington HS Individual Championship," "Washington Junior Closed & Invitational" and "Washington Winter Classic" by Josh Sinanan, "Pan-American Intercollegiate Teams" by Pan-Am Organizers, "States Cup Semifinals and Finals" by Siva Sankrithi, "St. Anne Celtic Challenge" and "Washington Junior Open and Reserve" by Josh Sinanan, "Decatur Gator Fest" by Siva Sankrithi, "MexInsurance FIDE Open" by George Lundy, "Chico Juvenal-The Tiger Killer" by David Zaklan, "East Idaho Regional Scholastic Chess Qualifier" by Jay Simonson, and a back-cover photo of a "Facepainted Girl" by Chouchan Airapetian.
(selected pages)
Cover: “Evening at the Club” by Gabriela Osias.
32-page issue with "Chessable and Chess.com at the Pan-Am" by Alexey Root, "Philip Peterson 1961-2022" by Ralph Dubisch, "2022 Oregon Junior Closed" by Wilson Gibbins, "Robert “Bob” Bishop 1953-2022" by David And Ellen Baumann, "Chess, Art and the Power of Community" by Gabriela Osias, "2022 Washington Class Championships" by Josh Sinanan, "Northwest Grand Prix—Final Report" by Murlin Varner, and a back-cover photo of “Smoky Queen” by the late Philip Peterson.
(selected pages)
Cover: “Issue 900!” by Philip Peterson.
This is the second NWC full-color issue, and all future issues will be in full color!
32-page issue with "Northwest Chess Hall of Fame" by Ralph Dubisch for the NWC Board of Directors, "Northwest Chess Hall of Fame Inductee: Viktors Pupols" by John Donaldson, "2022-2023 States Cup" by Siva Sankrithi, "2022 Turkey Shoot" by Adam Porth, "17th Susan Polgar Foundation National Open" by SPFNO Organizers, "Susan Polgar Foundation National Open" by Karen Schmidt, "Where Have All The Novices Gone" by Nobel Ang, "2022 Oregon Class Championships" by Wilson Gibbins, "2022 Washington Challenger’s Cup" and "2022 Challenger’s Cup Scholastic" by Josh Sinanan, and "900-themed artwork" by Eric Holcomb on the back cover.
2022 (all in full color!)
Note: Most 2022 issues also feature a Northwest Chess Grand Prix report by Murlin Varner, "From the Editor’s Desk" by Jeffrey Roland, and a "Chesstoon" by Brian Berger.
Cover: Jason Cigan, Brian Lee, and Ryan Ackerman by Adam Porth.
This is the first NWC full-color issue!
32-page issue with "2022-2023 States Cup Chess Tournament" by Siva Sankrithi, "Norman Friedman Memorial And National Chess Day" by Adam Porth, "Detective Cookie Chess Park Grand Opening" by Josh Sinanan, "Gary Dorfner (1947-2022)" by Bill Rogers, "Remembering Gary" by John Donaldson, "2022 Washington G/60 Championship," "2022 Washington G/15 Championship" and "2022 Washington Blitz Championship" by Josh Sinanan, Washington Junior Open & Reserve (Ad) Bellevue, January 16 "Took The Train To Spokane" by Karen Schmidt, "2022 Eastern Idaho Open" by Jay Simonson, and a back-cover photo of Brian Lee and Jason Cigan by Adam Porth.
Cover: Matt Zavortink and Erik Richardson on Denali, by Nick Sweeney.
32-page issue with "Aryan Deshpande Becomes National Master" by Josh Sinanan, "72nd Oregon Open" by Wilson Gibbins, "Fantastic FIDE Titles And Where To Find Them" by Joseph Levine, "Washington Women’s Championship" by Josh Sinanan, and a back-cover photo of Rekha Sagar, Chouchan Airapetian, and Josh Sinanan by Meiling Cheng.
Cover: Huy Le by Meiling Cheng.
32-page issue with "Shades Of High Fidelity" by Karen Schmidt, "Collinge Perfect In Sixth Seattle Classic" by Josh Sinanan, "ICA Supports Ukrainian Refugees" by The Nosarev Family, "Back 2 School Quads" and "North Idaho Scholastic Chess League Formation" by Adam Porth, "2022 Seattle Classic Scholastic" and "Detective Cookie Chess Tables At Othello Park" by Josh Sinanan, "Seattle Kings vs Princes Match VIII," "Washington Players At US Open," "2022 Washington Summer Rapid Championships" and "2022 Northwest Summer Chess960 Open" by Josh Sinanan, and a back-cover photo of "Evan Schroedle and Michael Cambareri" by Adam Porth.
Cover: (L-R) Jason Cigan and Nick Raptis at Oregon Closed by Wilson Gibbins.
32-page issue with "From The Editor’s Desk" by Jeffrey Roland, "2022 Oregon Closed" by Wilson Gibbins, "Kids Say The Darndest Things At Chess Camp" by Karen Schmidt, "An Ode To Winning At Chess (Poem)" by Nobel Ang, "Detective Cookie Chess Park Ground-Breaking" and "2022 Seattle Summer Kickoff" by Josh Sinanan, "The Summer Sizzler Ends With Fire For More!!" by Josh Sinanan and Lakshana Anand, "Vancouver Open" by Josh Sinanan, and back-cover images of "2022 Chess Journalists Of America Awards - Best State Magazine/Newsletter."
Cover: Team BC at the 2022 BC vs WA Match by Haiyong Wang.
32-page issue with "So What Really Are Deadlines Anyway?" by Jeffrey Roland, "2022 WA vs BC Challenge Match" by Josh Sinanan, a "Letter To The Editor" by Brian Berger, "WIM Megan Lee Simul" by Josh Sinanan, "Reflection On My Nationals" by IM Anthony He, "Carol Kleist Feisty In Chess And Life" by John Selsky, "In Memory Of Carol Kleist" by Karen Schmidt, "North Idaho Championship" by Adam Porth, "The Longest Day Fundraiser" by Scotty Hohman, "2022 Rusty Miller Memorial" by Josh Sinanan, "Chesstoon (the first-ever in the Brian Berger series!) (originally published in October 2013)," "2022 Washington Open Puzzle Solving Solutions" by Valentin Razmov, "Mid-Year Scholastic Cup" by Josh Sinanan, and a back cover photo of "Team WA at the 2022 BC vs WA Match" by Haiyong Wang.
Cover: Ananth Gottumukkala (left) and Josh Sinanan, by Chad Lykins.
48-page issue with "Carol Kleist (August 18, 1929-May 30, 2022)" by John Selsky, "2022 Washington Open plus various side events," "2022 Washington Barber + Rockefeller Qualifier," "Northwest Regional Scholastics Championship" and "Washington Players Shine at Elementary Nationals" by Josh Sinanan, "Oregon Senior Open" by Wilson Gibbins, "Planting A "S.E.E.D." (Detective Cookie's Story)" by Karen Schmidt, and a back-cover photo of "Medina Elementary K-3 Team with Josh Sinanan" by Rongzhi Lu.
Cover: Shrey Talathi by Meiling Cheng.
32-page issue with "Idaho Open" by Jay Simonson, "29th Dave Collyer Memorial" by Kevin Korsmo, "Crash And Burn In Salt Lake City" by Nobel Ang, "Inland Empire Open" by Kevin Korsmo, "En Masse (Stanchions Buckled)" by Karen Schmidt, "Intermat," "2022 Washington Senior Championship" and "Lakeside Team Shines at High School Nationals" by Josh Sinanan, "Washington State Elementary Chess Championships" by WSECC Organizers, and a back-cover photo of Nolan Zhou by Meiling Cheng.
Cover: Megan Lee by Josh Sinanan.
32-page issue with "Games Of Megan Lee (from WA State Championship)" by Megan Lee, "Oregon Girls Championship" by Wilson Gibbins, "The Zen Priest and The Chess Samurai" by Nobel Ang, "Idaho State Scholastic Championship" by Jeffrey Roland, "Trying Not To Live For My US Chess Rating But..." by Karen Schmidt, "Montana Open" by Mike Murray, "Intermat Candidates," "Cascadia Dragon’s Lair," "St. Anne Celtic Challenge Spring 2022," "Open Window School Spring Tornado," "All Girls Chess Tournament," "Harmon Memorial" and "Medina All-City Chess Tournament" by Josh Sinanan, and a back-cover photo of Bryce Leifeste by Jef Leifeste.
Cover: Kaustubh Kodihalli by Desmond Porth.
32-page issue with "Spring Thaw" and "Idaho Closed State Championship" by Jeffrey Roland, "Coaching Corner (Let’s Talk Candidate Moves)" by Ralph Dubisch, "2022 Washington State Championship" and "Washington News Roundup" by Josh Sinanan, "Meet The Chengs" by Karen Schmidt, "Zachary Fritchen Discovers Northwest Chess" by Jeffrey Roland, "In Memory Of Ignacio Perez" by Karen Schmidt, and a back-cover photo of Gabriel Razmov by Meiling Cheng.
Cover: Ignacio Perez by Washington Chess Federation.
32-page issue with "Solutions To Last Month’s Puzzles" by Valentin Razmov, "Memories Of Ignacio Perez" by various authors, "Ignacio’s Brilliant Attacking Play" and "Play Like Ignacio!" by Josh Sinanan, "A Pre Grand Prix" by Mike Murray, "WOW Tournament" by Jacek Stopa, "Sixth Annual Neil Dale Memorial Open" by Steven Breckenridge, "East Regional Scholastics Qualifier" by Jay Simonson, "Winning And Losing In Person Once Again" by Jim Tarjan, "To Draw Or Not To Draw?" by Nobel Ang, "Play Like Ignacio! (answers to positions from page 7)" by Josh Sinanan, "Washington News Roundup" by Josh Sinanan, and a back-cover Chesstoon by Brian Berger.
Cover: Anthony He by Xuhao He.
40-page issue with "Ignacio Perez (1967-2022)" by Josh Sinanan, "He Is An IM!" by Anthony He, "Charm City Chess Club" by Karen Schmidt, "Oregon Junior Closed" by Wilson Gibbins, "Washington Class Championships" and "Washington Winter Classic" by Josh Sinanan, "Annotated Game from Northwest Chess Winter Open" by Gabriel Razmov, "2021 Year-End Scholastic Cup" by Josh Sinanan, "Sridhar Wins" by Sridhar Seshadri, "Chess And Romance" by Glen O’Harra, and a back-cover photo of Siddharth Bhaskaran by Meiling Cheng.
Cover: Tyler Barron by Detroit Rogers.
32-page issue with "Youngest Ever Washington IM" by Josh Sinanan, "Coaching Corner" by Ralph Dubisch, "Chess4Girls" by Nesara Shree, "2021 Oregon Class Championships" by Wilson Gibbins, "Commentary On The World Championship" by Eric Holcomb, "2021 World Chess Championship (All The Games)," "Southern Idaho Open (Veteran’s Tournament)" by Barry Eacker, "2021 WA Fall Mini-Teams Championship" and "2021 Northwest Chess Winter Open" by Josh Sinanan, "Miscellaneous Game" by Jeffrey Roland and Ralph Dubisch, "Detective Cookie" by Karen Schmidt, "ICA Chess News From The North" by Adam Porth, and a back-cover photo of a "Hand-Carved Chess Set" by Jeffrey Roland.