Spokane CC Reports on the 2013 Collyer Memorial

John Donaldson wins yet another Collyer Memorial Tournament
John Donaldson wins yet another Collyer Memorial Tournament

Spokane Chess Club report from Facebook!

The 21st installment of our premiere event, the Dave Collyer Memorial, once again saw IM John Donaldson top the field with a perfect score of 5.0. He turned back Jeremy Krasin, who had the only other perfect score, in their fifth round encounter. Krasin tied for second with Mark Havrilla and Jon Middaugh. The threesome collected the prizes for second, third, and first in class A.

A score of 3.5 was the magic number for most of the other prize winners: the expert prize shared by John Julian and Steve Merwin; second place in class A, which was shared by Nikolay Bulakh, Dave Rowles, and James Stripes; and the first and second prizes in class B which were shared by Adam Attwood and Steve Fabian. That tally also was good enough for first place in the E/unrated category, where the award went to another newcomer, Xiaoman Chu, an exchange student at St. Georges school in Spokane.

The class C winners were Bill McBroom and Ron Weyland with scores of 2.5. Newcomer Jacob Beverly of Enterprise, Oregon, was a big winner. His 3.0 score won him the $100 first prize in class D, and his final round upset (412 points) scored the $100 prize for largest upset. Second place in D went to Jim Burney with an even 2.5 score. Savanna Naccarato scored 2.5 to take second place in the E/unrated category. Arlene Hiatt took the second upset prize with a second round draw against a player 749 points above her! Look for Arlene’s rating to continue to climb.

There was a field of 53 players this year (plus a house player), which was once again played at St. Anne’s Children’s Center’s conference room. A late Friday afternoon/evening storm caused problems in the mountains to the east, which prevented one player from making it over and cost another player his first round game when slow travel prevented a timely arrival. But aside from those travel problems, the tourney was once again an enjoyable reunion of old and new chess friends. The field saw a large number of first time entrants, including both those new to the game and old-timers returning after decades of absence. A total of $1800 in prizes was awarded, although several players returned their winnings to the club or the Gary Younker Foundation. Once again, the participants showed the good sportsmanship and love of the game that is a hallmark of the Collyer tourney.

Area favorite IM John Donaldson once again gave a Friday night lecture and simultaneous exhibition at Riverpark Square on Friday, February 22. He needed just two hours to sweep the 17 player field!

Russell Miller adds the headline plus:
Kevin Korsmo was the tournament director. Look for a report and games in the April issue of NORTHWEST CHESS. NWC Editor Jeff Roland was at the tournament with his photo equipment.

USCF Crosstable.

Larry Parsons wins Idaho State Chess Championship for 18th time


Photo is Larry Parsons with his championship plaque as taken by Jeff Roland

USCF Crosstable

Tournament Report by Barry Eacker

Eighteen; 18; 8-teen; ate-teen.

Any way you slice it, Larry Parsons winning the Idaho Closed State Chess Championship for the eighteenth time over President’s weekend 2013 in Twin Falls, Idaho is an amazing accomplishment in the annals of Idaho chess history. Parsons solidified his position as the all-time leader in championship victories with a very workmanlike performance, winning four games and giving up draws in round two to former Idaho champion John Carr and in round four to the eventual number two finisher Jeff Roland. Parsons’ 5.0/6 score made his claim to the crown undisputed.

Roland’s 4.5/6 tally assured him clear second place, and left him the only other undefeated player in the tournament. Roland led at the halfway point with a perfect 3.0/3 score before having to settle for draws in the final three rounds. Cody Gorman shared a 4.0/6 score with Caleb Kircher, Alex Machin and Nedzad Imamovic but came out on top via the Solkoff tiebreak to claim the third place prize. Gorman very well could have been on board one in the final round had he not overlooked a brutal checkmate in a winning position in round four against Fred Bartell. Alex Machin grabbed the top unrated plaque.

One of the things that was really apparent at the event (besides Jeff Roland’s lack of electrical prowess as he attempted to activate the video camera with a power strip that was not plugged in) was the influx of a very young and talented group of chess players who made their presence known early on and throughout the tournament with strong games against many of the established players. Upsets were commonplace as the youngsters stepped in and played at a higher level than is usually expected. A few examples were Lucas Knoll’s victory over Kurt Douglas in round one and his draw with John Carr in round four, Carmen Pemsler’s victory over class-A player Caleb Kircher also in round four and unrated Alex Machin’s four wins (one against John Carr in round five) while playing Parsons for all the marbles in round six on board one. Jacob Nathan (rated 963) outplayed your TD in round four and only a positional error late in the game allowed me to equalize and draw. Lots of stuff happened in round four. There were four unrated players in the 21-player field. This is very encouraging to see and bodes well for the future of Idaho chess.

Two of the unrated players were identical twin brothers, Alex and Drew Machin from Boise. I observed on Sunday evening that Alex prepared well for his final two rounds with soup and salad and ended up on board one in round six. Drew ate the meal that I am going to try, but maybe not during a chess tournament: Chicken and waffles. He was not on board one……I’m just sayin’…

Sunday morning saw a temporary departure from over-the-board play with the annual ICA business meeting in full swing. Jay Simonson decided to step away from the rigors of office, and an election produced new officers. Jeff Roland was elected to be President, Adam Porth will serve as Vice President and Patrick Abernathy will take over Secretary/Treasurer duties. Terms start March 30, 2013 and end on March 30, 2015. Since two of these officers already held Trustee positions on the Board, two additional Board Members were elected to finish out the vacated terms that expire on March 30, 2014. Hugh Myers was elected Trustee for Web Development and Maintenance to finish out the term vacated by Jeff Roland, and Alise Pemsler was elected Trustee for Tournament Development to finish out the term vacated by Patrick Abernathy. Congratulations to the new officers.

Monday was Adam Porth’s birthday. He, along with his family, treated everyone to chess cake in the final round.

The venue was the Shilo Inn in Twin Falls, Idaho. Many thanks to the Shilo staff for providing a superior playing site and comfortable rooms for the players. Thanks to Jay Simonson for being my Assistant TD, and a very special thanks to all the players who took the time to participate in this historical event.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Eacker, TD


Larry Parsons (Boise) – Champion
Jeff Roland (Boise) – Second Overall
Cody Gorman (Eagle) – Third Overall
Caleb Kircher (Nampa) – Top Class A
Fred Bartell (Twin Falls) – Top Class B
Barry Eacker (Twin Falls) – Second Class B
Carmen Pemsler (Eagle) – First Class C
Gary Hollingsworth (Pocatello) – Second Class C
Shane Taylor (Boise) – First Class D
Adam Porth (Bellevue) – Second Class D
Desmond Porth (Bellevue) – First Class E
Jacob Nathan (Idaho Falls) – Second Class E
Alex Machin (Boise) – Top Unrated
John Carr (Victor) – Top Senior
Lucas Knoll (Boise) – Top Junior
Alise Pemsler (Eagle) – Top Woman

March 2013 issue of Northwest Chess

March 2013 Mock-up (Page 1)

The March issue of Northwest Chess was completed on February 22, 2013. The above link is the Formal Mock-up for the issue.

This issue is very special (I guess they all are), as it contains all the games from the State Championships in the first 4 rounds for both WA and OR that were held on the February 9-10 weekend, many with notes by Ralph Dubisch.

I attempted to be very comprehensive in the reporting of the championship games (since they were 10-player round robin events) and plan to continue that to its conclusion in the April issue. Only some of Idaho’s games will appear in the April issue since Idaho’s event was a Swiss System tournament open to everyone in the state which would just be too many games.

The issue is two days later than last month’s issue was, but it is still on time. Of course, I think it’s a great issue!

Jeff Roland


Josh Sinanan Reports on WA Closed

Perez is WA 2013 Champ
Perez is WA 2013 Champ

Here are the final results of the Championship, Premier, and Invitational sections in order of tie-breaks. Please find on the NWC website, a pgn file of the games.


FM Ignacio Perez 2235 6/9 1st $675

NM Tian Sang 2312 5.5/9 =2nd-4th $250
FM Costin Cozianu 2508 5.5/9 =2nd-4th $250
NM David Golub 2213 5.5/9 =2nd-4th $250

Nathan Lee 2155 4.5/9 5th $75
Igor Ummel 2187 4.5/9 (withdrew due to illness in round 9)

FM Curt Collyer 2311 3.5/9
NM Josh Sinanan 2254 3.5/9
NM Samir Sen 2199 3.5/9

NM Roland Feng 2231 3/9


Michael Omori 2156 6.5/9 =1st-2nd $350
Daniel He 2066 6.5/9 =1st-2nd $350

FM Paul Bartron 2117 6/9 =3rd-4th $125
Megan Lee 2148 6/9 =3rd-4th $125

NM Michael MacGregor 2211 5.5/9 5th $50

WFM Chouchanik Airapetian 2131 4/9

Marcel Szabo 2038 3.5/9

LM Viktors Pupols 2208 2.5/9
David Rupel 2096 2.5/9

Kyle Haining 1935 2/9


Bryce Tiglon 2070 6.5/8 1st $225

Vishnu Warrier 1925 6/8 2nd $125

Patrick VanDyke 2057 5/8 3rd $75

Sarah May 1888 4.5/8 4th $50

Samuel He 2042 4/8 5th $25

Becca Lampman 2008 3/8

Mark Smith 1869 2.5/8
Noah Fields 1863 2.5/8

Joseph Kiiru 1878 2/8

Alan Bishop 2020 0/3 (withdrew due to scheduling conflict)

USCF Crosstable.

Phil Peterson pictures.

Headline by Russell Miller.

Randy Kaech Reports on WA High Team


Six high school teams from the Northwest Chess League qualified and attended the season-concluding State Chess Team Championships, held this year at Interlake High School in Bellevue on February 8 and 9, 2013. The competition was tough, as evidenced by the top three finishers (Lakeside, Interlake, Garfield) having an average chess rating of 1750. After the 445 games of chess were finished, here’s how it settled:

Chess State Team 2013 Final Standings:
1st Lakeside
2nd Interlake
3rd Garfield
4th Eastlake
5th Newport
6th Roosevelt
7th Ferndale
8th Overlake
9th Ingraham
10th Issaquah

Northwest League:
7th Ferndale
15th Ferndale B
20th Lynden Christian
24th Sehome
26th Blaine
28th Meridian

In the State Junior Varsity event, Ferndale’s Ben Witzel went undefeated and untied and is the 2013 Washington State JV Champion:

1st Ben Witzel, Ferndale
7th Bailey Westman, Ferndale
10th Drake Likkel, Lynden Christian
12th Brady Hornstra, Lynden Christian

Full Event Crosstable. Photo below submitted by Duane Polich.


Northwest Grade Level Championships

A large scholastic event was held in Bellevue on Feb 9th. under the direction of Mr. Van Weerdhnizeh.

K Section: 1st Raphael Thaler of John Stanford International 5-0, 20 players
1st Grade: Terrence Digel of West Woodland Elementary 5-0. 32 players
2nd Grade: Raphael Menon of John Stanford International 5-0, 32 players
3rd Grade: Aditya Singh of Cherry Crest School 5-0. 42 players
4th Grade: Andreas Farny of Leschi Elementary 4.5-.5, 42 players
5th Grade: Tobias Menon of John Stanford International 4.5-.5, 30 players
7-12 Grades: Jonah Kolar of Salmon Bay Elementary, 8th Grade, 5-0, 13 players