Round 2 Traditional Schedule Results for leading Northwest Players

2011 Oregon state co-champion and 2012 champion Steven Breckenridge. Perfect through two rounds. Photo by Jeff Roland

Two points:
Breckenridge, Steven OR 2349
Raptis, Nick OR 2330
Sinanan, Joshua Christopher WA 2259
Gay, Daniel Zachary OR 2212
Prochaska, Peter OR 2200
Yu, Corbin Zachary OR 2150
May, Andy P WA 2121
Dixon, Dakota Ellis WA 2108
Van Dyke, Patrick WA 2083
Hoefler, Dennis OR 2062
Gutman, Richard G OR 2052
Daroza, Eduardo OR 2049
Morris, Michael J OR 2044
Davis, Mikeal OR 2027
Tobin, Sean OR 2025
Janniro, Mike E OR 2017
Merwin, Steven E WA 2015
Goshen, Matthew Robert WA 2013
Peake, Ethan J OR 1907
Robinson, Gary D OR 1880

Daily US Open report for August 6 submitted by Gary Dorfner:

Day 1 & 2

Sat. Aug. 4th: The Scholastic championship had 104 players.
There were players representing 9 states & BC Canada.
Grades 1-3
1st was Rowan James from B.C. with 4.0, 2nd Varvara Okuneva
from Ca. 3.0, 3rd Dylan Xu from Wash. 2.5, 4th Tanish Kothapalle
from Tn. 2.5 & finishing 5th Eric Zhang from Wa. 1.5 points.
Grades 4-6
1st was David Talyansky from Or. 4.5, 2nd Toshihiro Nagase 4.0,
3rd Chi Xu from Or. 3.5, 4th Cristin Botez from Or. 3.5,
5th Simona Nayberg from Ca. 3.5 points.
Grades 7-9
1st Nathaniel Lee from Wa. 4.0, 2nd Masayuki Nagase from Wa. 4.0,
3rd Olga Cherepakhin from Wa. 3.5, 4th Noah Franklin from Wa. 3.0,
5th James Cummings from WA. 3.0 points.
Grades 10-12
1st Philip Weiss from Or. 3.0, 2nd Alexander Webb from Or. 2.0 points.
Under 1000
1st Ananta Ranganathan from Wa. 5.0, 2nd Michael Frias
From Or. 5.0, 3rd Liam Reis from Wa. 4.0, 4th Aaron Probst from Wa. 4.0,
5th Gavin Zhang from Or. 4.0 points.
1st Michael Klingler from Or. 4.0, 2nd Michael Strigul from N.J. 3.5,
3rd Ryan Clark from Wa. 3.0, 4th Zane Godil from Or. 3.0, 5th Ankur
Moolky from Or. 3.0 points.
Under 1200
Grades 7-9
1st Preston Fenimore from Or. 4.0, 2nd Daniel Fan from Wa. 4.0,
3rd Josiah Perkins from Or. 3.5, 4th Benjamin Kleier from Or. 3.5,
5th Cameron Mckedy from Wa. 3.0 points.
Grades 10-12
1st Jonathan Yau from Or. 5.0, 2nd Isaak Jensen from WA. 1.0,
3rd Allan Cavins from Wa. 1.0 points.
They each won a trophy.

There were 13 two player teams in all. The winners were:
1st R. Ritchea-N. Karas 9.0 $104.00, 2nd-3rd J. Sheng-E. Allison &
M. Goffe-Sato-Duncan $52.00 each.

Weekend Swiss
There were 41 players from 7 states & BC playing in this event.
The winners were: 1st -2nd Nick Raptis from Or. & Francisco
Guadalupe II from Texas 4.5 $150.00 each, 3rd Yogi Saputra
From Or. $50.00, Unr. Yiming Han from BC 3.0 $160.00,
1st U1800 Takum Sato-Duncan from Or. 4.0 $140.00
1st U1600 Siva Sankrithi from Wa. 2.5 $$120.00, 1st
U1400 Jerrold Richards from Wa. & Thomas Parrish
From Wa. 2.0 $$50.00 each.
1st U1200 Rick Nicoski from Wa. 2.0 $80.00.

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  1. Additional info originally supplied by Rusty Miller on August 6:

    About 200 players taking part in the traditional schedule of the 113th US Open being held in Vancouver Washington. They play 8 games one per day at 7pm each day. The 9th game is played at 3pm on Sunday Aug 12. Other players in the event play 9 games also but some at a faster time control in either a 6 day or 4 day schedule. The three groups are merged together for the last three rounds. Should be about 500 players total.

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