For The Love of Chess Results

Conger Elementary School in Klamath Falls, Oregon was the site on Feb 22, 2014 of Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation qualifier tournament. Marvin Dykstra was the tournament director. 20 players took part.

Tai Pruce-Zimmerman of Klamath Falls, an adult played in his first Chess Ratings Northwest event and won the tournament 5-0.

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  1. Tai Pruce-Zimmerman Avatar
    Tai Pruce-Zimmerman

    This was a fun little event! It was a side event to the regional qualifying tournament for the Chess For Success state championships. I had been led to believe that other adult entrants were likely, but even though that proved not to be the case it was still quite enjoyable.

    Particular kudos should go to the two players who tied for second place behind me. High schooler Ciara Dykstra pushed me to the limits in round four, and I really never found a winning advantage until she found herself in time trouble. And Carlton Sears’ 4/5 score was extra impressive as he is only in third grade! He was also very eager to go over the game with me afterward, took advice quite well, and looks like a very promising up and comer in the Klamath chess scene.