Tacoma Chess Club Event Results

H. G. Pitre of Seattle held a two weekend event at the Tacoma Chess Club on Saturdays March 8 and March 15. The event was 4 rounds, two on each Saturday at time control of G/90 with 30 seconds added to each move. Paul Bartron of Tacoma won the event with 3.5-.5. 3 players missed the games on the first Saturday including Viktors Pupols of Kingston just back from playing in Iceland. Those three were allowed two half point byes for the games they missed. 11 players took part. The same type event was held on Sundays, March 9 and 16. This one had 10 players, some of the same people who played in the Saturdays event. Paul Bartron and Alan Bishop of Tacoma plus Naomi Bashkansky of Bellevue tied for first place in this section with 3-1.

The total amounts of prize money won from the events.
Paul Bartron $270; Alan Bishop $190; Naomi Bashkansky of Bellevue $120; and Steve Buck of Tacoma $120. There was $1,200.00 total prize fund.

CLICK HERE for the USCF Crosstable for the Saturdays event.

CLICK HERE for the USCF Crosstable for the Sundays event. The name might say SATURDAY which the TD is trying to get fixed.

CLICK HERE for a report on the first weekend of these events. Has a couple of pictures.