More September Portland and Seattle results

Portland Chess Club September Quads (Tuesday evenings 9/9 to 9/23):
The upper section, run as a 6-player Swiss, was won by Sean O’Connell with 2.5 of 3 points. The middle section was won by Arliss Dietz with a perfect score of 3. The lower section was won by Ken Harry with 2 of 3 points.
USCF crosstable link.

Portland Chess Club Game/60 (Saturday 9/27):
Phillip Seitzer tied Jason Cigan for first place; each scored a perfect 4 points in the four-round event. Seitzer is now rated 2190, close to master strength, and Cigan is rated 2132.
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Seattle Chess Club September Tornado (Sunday 9/28):
Gabriel Tafalla emerged the winner, scoring 3.5 of 4 points, and raising his rating nearly 100 points from 1821 to 1916.
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