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  • Harmon Report from Portland CC website

    11th Annual Clark Harmon Memorial Open (April 1-2): The Harmon Memorial currently rotates between Oregon and Washington each year and was in Oregon this year. Clark was one of the Northwest’s premier players and ambassadors of the game for many decades. See more information about Clark here and here. After the original Neil Dale Memorial…

  • Results of Portland CC Dec G/60 event

    14 players took part in the event held at the club site on Dec 17, 2016. Lennart Bjorksten was the chief TD. Gavin Zhang added to his rating because of his 4-0 final score. In the event held in Nov he tied for 3rd and in Oct his 3-0 score tied. CLICK HERE for the US…

  • Portland CC Event on May 14-15

    40 players took part in the 2ND ANNUAL ROSE CITY SECTIONALS. CLICK HERE for my photos taken during round 1. CLICK HERE for xtables.

  • Jason Cigan Tops Portland Spring Open

    From Portland CC website “Portland Spring Open (March 12-13): This year’s edition was run by Mike Janniro with assistance from Mike Lilly. There were thirty-five players, twenty-three in the open, led by five 2100’s, and twelve in the reserve (U1800). Starting with last year’s Summer Open, we began allowing a half point bye on the last…

  • Raptis again tops a Portland G/60 event

    23 players at the Portland Chess Club on Feb. 27, 2016 for the monthly G/60 event. Nick Raptis of Portland/Vancouver won with 4-0. CLICK HERE for the xtable.

  • Gresham Open Results

    Nick Raptis of Portland scored perfect 5-0 in the 41 player 2016 Gresham Open for a clear first place. At 4-1 were Jason Cigan and Bill Schill. Event was held on Jan 2-3. US Chess Crosstable CLICK HERE.

  • Portland CC Dec G/60 Results

    20 players took part in the monthly G/60 event held at the Portland Chess Club on Dec 26, 2015. With a 4-0 score the top rated player in the event, Nick Raptis of Portland won the event clear. 4 players scored 3-1. Mike Morris of Portland was the tournament director. US Chess crosstable CLICK HERE.

  • Results of Portland CC Winter Open

    Good turnout for the 2015 Winter Open held at the Portland Chess Club. 24 players in both sections. A near record turnout per research by Micah Smith of Vancouver. Not only the same numbers of players the same score for top two finishers of both sections, 4.5-.5 and 4-1. Open section winner was Nick Raptis…

  • Portland CC Championship

    From the website of the chess club. “Club Championship (Sept 29-Oct 29): The annual Portland Chess Club Championship, which is open to all PCC members, takes place in October (sometimes starting in late September as was the case this year) in place of the Tuesday Quads. Mike Morris, PCC life member and longtime board member,…

  • Portland Fall Open Results

    National Chess Day was Oct 10, 2015. For the 2nd year in a row the Portland Chess Club held their annual Fall Open on this weekend. Last year 44 player took part and this year 30 did. Mike Janniro of Portland was the TD and played an extra game. All the event winners were from…