Raptis Wins Yet Another Tournament

Portland Chess Club Sign
Portland Chess Club Sign

Portland CC Aug G/60 event held on August 29, 2015

Lennart Bjorksten reports on Facebook:

“Yes. I was the TD, and I’m still not comfortable with the arcane nuances of submitting a tournament for rating. None of the folks who are experienced with the process were around when the tournament ended.

The G60 will be rated this coming Tuesday, before we start the September Tuesday quads. My apologies for the delay.

We had 31 players, so the tournament was split into two sections. The upper section was won by Nick Raptis with 3.5/4, followed by Becca Lampman, Mike Goffe, and Ethan Wu at 3/4. The lower section was won by Jeremy Le Grove with 3.5/4, followed by Masakazu Shimada, Brian Berger, and Marcus Leung at 3/4. Kushal Pai and Matthew Witt shared the U1400 prize with 2.5/4.”

Crosstable link.

By Russell (Rusty) Miller

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