Sunday Slam Results

Nick Raptis continued his March roll with a win of the Blitz event on March 30. He scored 7-1 (two 1/2 point byes) to top the 22 player event. Time control was G/5; d0. Tournament directors were Sean Tobin and Geoffrey Kenway. Jason Cigan was 2nd at 13-5. TIS Your Move was the affiliate of… Continue reading Sunday Slam Results

TGIM Jan 2014 Results

The Tis Your Move event TGIM Jan 2014 had 13 players taking part in a tournament held on Mondays 1/6 to 1/27 in Beaverton, Oregon. Sean Tobin and Geoffrey Kenway were the Chief TDs. Jerry Sherrad of Portland scored 4-0 to win the event. CLICK HERE for the USCF Crosstable.

TIS Your Move Sunday Slam G25 Results

14 players on Dec 21 played in a Blitz rated G/5 d0 event under the direction of Sean Tobin and Jimmie Blevins. As one would expect Steven Breckenridge won with perfect 10-0 score. 2nd was Luke Robinson at 8-0. CLICK HERE for USCF Crosstable.