Adam Cubreth Game25 Open Results

On May 12, 2013 Sean Tobin organized, directed and won with a 4-0 score the Adam Cubreth Game 25 Open. 7 players took part in the G/25 d3 USCF rated event. Sponsor was USCF affiliate TIS Your Move. CLICK HERE for USCF Crosstable.

TGIM April 2013 Results

19 players took part and there were three from Portland who scored 4-1: Nick Raptis, infection Jason Cigan and Jerry Sherrard. TIS Your Move was the USCF sponsoring group and the TD was Sean Tobin. Play was on Mondays in April in Beaverton. Crosstable Click HERE

TGIF for April Results

Sean Tobin of Portland directed the April TGIF event held in Beaverton, April 5-26, 2013. There were two sections. Nick Raptis with 3.5-.5 (a half point bye) score won the 13 player Section 1. 2nd-3rd places at 3-1 scores were: Nathan Khingratsaphone and Matthew Stevens of Portland. Section 2 of 5 players was won with… Continue reading TGIF for April Results