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Northwest Chess is a non-profit corporation registered in Washington State.
Business Manager Address: Eric Holcomb, 1900 NE 3rd St STE 106 PMB 361, Bend, OR 97701-3889.
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Northwest Chess
Washington Chess Federation/Oregon Chess Federation
PayPal Subscription/Membership Form

Click the appropriate button to initiate an online one-time subscription payment using PayPal:
If not using PayPal, please see the PDF version of the application form.

Contact information:

For any subscription/membership related inquiry: please notify the business manager using the response form at the bottom of the home page, or email info@nwchess.com. Normal response time is one to two business days. (For successful PayPal transactions, no additional contact is necessary.)

PayPal and subscription notes:

  • IMPORTANT Note - As of 2/28/2019, Idaho residents no longer receive an ICA membership when subscribing to NWC via this website (including any mailed payments to NWC). For ICA membership options, please visit the ICA website. It is expected that these options will soon include a "premium" membership with a NWC subscription.
  • The Northwest Chess board approved a rate increase beginning in January 2018. The new rates, now in effect, are:

    • Adult 1 year $30.00, 3 years $80.00

    • Junior (age U/21 at expiration) 1 year $24.00, 2 years $43.00

    • Scholastic 6 months $14.00

    • Senior (age 65 or over) 1 year $25.00, 3 years $ 65.00

    • Additional Family Members residing at same address:
      1 year $10.00, 2 years $18.00, 3 years $25.00 (If the primary member is a junior, additional family member(s) must also be juniors.)

    • Tournament/Trial 1 month $12.00 (A single tournament membership cannot be used to play in the same monthly tournament twice.)

    • Canada 1 year $40.00, other foreign 1 year $60.00

  • If you are a Washington or Oregon resident, your subscription to Northwest Chess includes an individual membership in your state chess federation, and vice versa. See the "About Us" page for details.

  • Northwest Chess is currently accepting subscriptions beginning with the April 2019 issue. Any back issues must be requested and invoiced separately, subject to availability. Email info@nwchess.com to inquire. Typically the cost of back issues is $2.00 each plus the cost of postage. You can request a discount if your name or photo appeared in the back issue.

  • Payment via this method does NOT automatically enter or update your information in the tournament online registration system. Please email info@nwchess.com if you do need your info updated, after verifying that you are registered in the online system.

  • Free sample copies may be available at the Seattle, Tacoma and Portland chess clubs, or at some official WCF, OCF and ICA events. These copies are limited and are not guaranteed to be available.

  • Back issues are also available online (back issues page) after a one-month delay.

  • Please be sure that your address in PayPal is correct. See usps.com (Look Up a ZIP Code) for the standard form of your address.

  • Washington residents must pay applicable sales tax based on the rate in effect where the magazine is received. PayPal will automatically add 10% sales tax for Washington addresses. If you are eligible for a lower rate and do not wish to pay 10%, please contact the business manager for other options. (Please supply your address when you inquire. Thank you!)

  • Please keep your PayPal email receipt, and check the mailing status page to see when your first issue should be mailed. If you do not receive the first magazine for which you should be on the mailing list (usually the next month's magazine if you pay by about the 15th), please notify the business manager.

  • You will receive an e-mail notification from Northwest Chess (or the business manager) when it is time to renew. Renewals should be completed within one month to avoid an interruption.

  • If you have a problem with your subscription, please contact the business manager.

  • Promptly report any changes of address, including email address. NWC is not responsible for re-mailing copies returned due to address changes.

  • Please DO NOT use PayPal to pay for tournament entry fees (except as part of the online registration feature on the homepage), Grand Prix fees or magazine advertising without prior authorization of the business manager.


Options for individual residents of Washington and Oregon

ADULT - Subscription term

Adult subscribers/members receive Northwest Chess magazine via periodicals mail each month. OR/WA residents also receive a membership (with voting rights) in the OCF/WCF.
JUNIOR - Subscription term
Name of junior member:
Birthdate of junior member:
Age limit: less than 21 at expiration. Proof of age may be required.

Junior subscribers/members receive Northwest Chess magazine via periodicals mail each month. OR/WA residents also receive a membership in the OCF/WCF.
SENIOR - Subscription term
Name of senior member:
Birthdate of senior member:
Age limit: 65 or over. Proof of age may be required.

Senior subscribers/members receive Northwest Chess magazine via periodicals mail each month. OR/WA residents also receive a membership (with voting rights) in the OCF/WCF.
FAMILY - Membership term
Name of family member:
Birthdate of family member:

Note: NOT a magazine subscription membership only.
This class of membership is open only to co-residents of an Adult, Senior or Junior member. If the primary member is a junior, the additional family member must also be a junior. Expires at the same time. (Please select the same term as the primary member.)

Options for clubs/organizations or non-residents of WA/OR

Subscription term

For clubs/libraries/organizations or for persons living outside of Oregon and Washington. Subscribers receive Northwest Chess each month, but are not members of OCF or WCF. Non-resident individual subscribers are eligible to participate in OCF/WCF membership-required chess events when visiting the Pacific Northwest. The additional postage required for foreign addresses is included when you select the Canada or 'other foreign' options. Please inquire about special rates for libraries and school chess clubs. (Usually we can give the junior rate of $24.00/year. Libraries can also subscribe through the EBSCO service.)

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