Category: Tournament Results

  • 22nd Annual North American Open PNW Players Results

    633 players took part in the 7 section event held Dec 26-30 at Bally’s Casino Resort, Las Vegas. Players from Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Open Section FM Luke Harmon-Vellotti ID 5-4 Carl Harmon-Vellotti ID 3-6 Under 2300 Rating Section Tian Sang WA 5.5-1.5 $879.00 Carl Haessler Lake Oswego OR 5-2 $255.14 Roland Feng Seattle WA 4.5-2.5 Megan […]

  • Portland CC G/60 Results

    The December 29th G/60 event at the Portland Chess Club had 22 players. Yogi Saputra of Albany Oregon won the event with 3.5-.5. Gregori Alpernas of Lake Oswego Oregon handled the TD tasks. The crosstable can be found on the USCF website.

  • Seattle CC December Tornado

    24 players took part in the event on Dec 16th. Fred Kleist of Seattle was the tournament director. From the USCF website, he sure has run a lot of events since 1991. Tournaments as Chief Director 680 (since Jan. 1, 1991) Sections Directed 1699 (in 688 events since Jan. 1, 1991) Other Events Worked 26 (since Jan. 1, 1991) […]

  • Portland CC Winter Open Dec 15-16, 2012

    Steven Breckenridge of Gresham and Andrew Larson of Florida tied for first place with 4-1 scores. The both took a 1/2 point bye and drew with Bill Heywood. At 3.5-1.5 were Alfred Pechisker and James Chan both of BC and Heywood of Portland. 19 players in this section. The lower section was won by a […]

  • Christmas Congress Results

    The usual TD, Gary Dorfner of Tacoma, in the usual place, the Tacoma Chess Club, held the Christmas Congress on Dec 8-9 with just 9 players. Alan Bishop of Tacoma took a 1/2 point first round bye and then won the rest of his games for a 3.5-.5 score including a win over NM Viktors […]

  • Western Idaho Open

    The 2012 Western Idaho Open, December 8-9, 2012 in Boise, Idaho was won by GM Alex Yermolinsky (Sious Falls, SD) with 4.5 points. FM Nick Raptis (Portland) was 2nd place with 4 points. There was a 4-way tie for 3rd-6th place between Joshua Sinanan (Seattle), Paul Johnson (Boise), Caleb Abernathy (Meridian, ID), and Peter Olsoy […]

  • Rain City Plus-Score Swiss Results

    This Chess Tournament was held Dec 1-2, 2012 at the Seattle Chess Club under the direction of Fred Kleist of Seattle. Viktors Pupols of Kingston won the event with a perfect 4-0 score. The event had 13 players and a time control of G/125 with delay of 5. The cross table can be found on the […]

  • Seattle CC Extravaganza

    The Seattle Chess Club Extravaganza was held in two sections on Nov 2-4 under the directorship of Fred Kleist. 18 players in the Open section which was won with 6.5-.5 score by Roland Feng of Seattle. He drew with Bryce Tiglon of Redmond. Gabriel Zlovog won the reserve section with 5.5-1.5 over 13 others. Crosstable here […]

  • Washington Chess Federation Challengers’s Cup Results

    The Annual Challengers’ Cup Chess Tournament was held at the Seattle Chess Club on Oct 27-28 under the sponsorship of the Washington Chess Federation and direction of Fred Kleist of Seattle. 27 players took part in the Challengers’ Section and ended in a tie at 3.5-.5 between Tian Sang of WA and Roland Feng of Seattle. […]

  • Portland CC G/60 Oct 27th Results

    Neil Dale of Portland handled the TD tasks for the Portland CC G/60 event on Oct 27. 13 players took part resulting in a 4-0 win for Yaman Tezcan of Portland. USCF crosstable link. Compiled by Russell Miller.