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  • Raptis does it again, Portland CC G/60 Event.

    Nick Raptis of Portland won the September 26, 2015 G/60 event held at the Portland Chess Club with 4-0 score. 22 players took part. LENNART BJORKSTEN was the TD. CLICK HERE for the US Chess crosstable.

  • Raptis Wins Yet Another Tournament

    Portland CC Aug G/60 event held on August 29, 2015 Lennart Bjorksten reports on Facebook: “Yes. I was the TD, and I’m still not comfortable with the arcane nuances of submitting a tournament for rating. None of the folks who are experienced with the process were around when the tournament ended. The G60 will be…

  • Portland CC July G/60 Results

    20 player top section was won by Nels Truelson of South Dakota and Becca Lampman of Vancouver WA with 3.5-.5 scores. They drew in round 4. Same score in the 18 player lower section by Henry Romero and David Morris-Diaz topped the field. Mike Janniro handled the TDs tasks. Event held at Portland CC on…

  • Breckenridge Simul at Portland CC

    Michael Lilly? of Portland Chess Club reported on Facebook Steven Breckenridge’s simultaneous exhibition was a success tonight (Saturday 18 July 2015). Against 18 players, Steven was 16-1-1. A win was achieved by Santiago Tenesaca, and a draw was secured by Prashant Periwal. Congratulations are due to all. Photo taken in 2012.

  • Portland CC July Quads 45 Results

    CLICK HERE for USCF crosstables. Good turnout on a warm day. Several unrated players getting their first taste of USCF rated play. M&M Boys handled the directing tasks. CLICK HERE for Chess Ratings Northwest Crosstables.

  • Portland Chess Club Summer Open 2015 Results

    Picture above is from several years ago of the event winner, Steve Breckenridge at 4.5-.5. He is a student at Texas Tech home to Portland for the summer. Nick Raptis of Portland was 2nd at 4-1. 22 players in the Open Section. The Reserve was won by Roland Eagles with 5-0. 16 players in that…

  • Portland June Tuesdays Event Results

    CLICK HERE for USCF Crosstables. Congrats to Jason and Brian.

  • Portland CC G/60 June Results

    Since over 30 players signed up the June event was split into two sections. 16 players including 4 master rated players played the 4 rounds of the Open Section. 3.5-.5 was reached by both Steven Breckenridge and Nick Raptis. They drew with each other in round 3. At 3-1 was Aaron Grabinsky who lost in…

  • Portland June 20 Event Results

    Quad 45 results – CLICK HERE for USCF crosstable. BLITZ Event Crosstable – CLICK HERE. For the Chess Ratings Northwest Crosstables CLICK HERE.

  • May 16th Portland CC Events

    18 players in the Quad 45 event. Micah Smith and Mike Lilly directed the event and Mike made a post on facebook about them. CLICK HERE for Quad crosstable. 8 players took part in the BLITZ event. CLICK HERE for the crosstable.