Hoyos still in front; 14 others within a point of the lead

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Kathy & Rusty Miller were among those honored at the 2012 US Open Awards luncheon on Saturday, August 11. Photo credit: Jeffrey Roland.

Standings after Round 8 of 9 in the 2012 U.S. Open Chess Championship:

1 GM Hoyos, Manuel Leon MEX 2679 7.5
2 GM Seirawan, Yasser WA 2674 7.0
3 Norowitz, Yaacov NJ 2569 7.0
4 GM Gurevich, Dmitry IL 2539 7.0
5 IM Sarkar, Justin NY 2483 7.0
6 IM Bercys, Salvijus NY 2479 7.0
7 IM Mulyar, Michael A CO 2456 7.0
8 FM Bryant, John Daniel CA 2455 7.0
9 GM Ramirez, Alejandro TX 2643 6.5
10 GM Shabalov, Alexander PA 2619 6.5
11 GM Diamant, Andre BRA 2573 6.5
12 Shetty, Atulya Arya MI 2400 6.5
13 Aaron, Deepak NY 2353 6.5(1)
14 Shvartsman, Andrew Nathaniel NJ 2343 6.5
15 Zavortink, Matt WA 2051 6.5
(1) includes half point bye in round 9

Complete cross table can be found here (517 players)

Blitz results are here (129 players) – won by GM Andre Diamont (12.2) of GM Anatoly Bykhovsky (11.5-2.5)

U.S. Open report #4 from Gary Dorfner:

Friday Quads

There were 16 players participating in 4 separate
Quads. The winners were: Quad #1 Charles Unruh from OK 3.0 $50.00;
Quad #2 Glen Ossiander from WA 2.5 $50.00;
Quad #3 William Allison from OR 3.0 $50.00;
Quad #4 Sanford Long from WA, Nicholas Wong from HI 2.5 $25.00 each.

US Open Blitz Championship

There were 129 players participating in this event. The winners were: 1st Andre Diamant from Brazil 12.0 $490.00, 2nd Anatoly Bykhovsky from Israel 11.5 $245.00, 3rd tie U2400 Shetty Atulya from MI, Steve Breckenridge from OR & Nick Raptis from OR 11.0 $184.00 each, 1st U2200 Bryce Tiglon from WA 11.0 $245.00, 2nd U2200 Tanraj Sohal from BC, Michael Wang from WA, Andy May from WA, Li Zhaozh from IL 10.0 $30.00 each. 1st U2000/1800 Yifei Han from BC & Takum Duncan from OR 9.0, $233.00 each, 2nd U2000/U1800 Charles Unruh from OK, Tony Kukavica from CA. Josiah Stearman from CA. & Ethan Neff from WA. 8.5 $58.00 each, 1st U1600 Jack Gabriel from OR 8.0 $170.00, 2nd U1600 Diallo Wilson from WA 7.0 $85.00, 1st-2nd U1400 Marc Huang from WA. & Nathan Jewell from OR. 7.0 $90.00 each, 1st U1200 Brian Chen From WA $$85.00, 2nd U1200 Nicholas Wong from HI & Ethan Wu from OR 5.0 $$23.00 each, 1st-2nd UNR. David Jensen from WA, Stephen Vance from WA & Ian Vaughn from WA 5.0 $33.00 each. There were 15 states represented in this tournament.

Blitz report on Susan Polgar Daily News and Information.