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In Memory of IM Nikolay Minev (1931-2017)

The Chess Library is focused on chess and chess history. The current major areas of content are:
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If you like what you see here and think it is worth supporting, here are ways you can assist in the effort: (note all communications should now be sent to Northwest Chess,

  • Report errors - Help with quality control - if you see an error in any information posted here, send an email to let us know.
  • Contribute material - If you have crosstables in electronic format of an event that is not posted here, contribute it for posting. (Use my tournament entry template or team match entry template for a standard format)
  • Make a purchase - Purchase one of the books published by The Chess Library. (Books may no longer be available, or may be available only on Lulu.)
  • Pass the word - Tell other people that the website exists (and that it's now on Northwest Chess)!
  • Give us a link - If you have control of a chess related website, post a link to this site, so that others may learn of its existence.
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